OPPO Blu Ray Players, Headphones and Headphone Amplifiers

For anyone in the know, OPPO is the premier provider of high quality and high value solutions for home theater and personal audio entertainment systems.

From their best-in-any-class OPPO Blu-ray disc players to their high-value OPPO headphones and headphone amps, OPPO has been furnishing the world with some of the best components; regardless of price for years.  In fact, they are so good, many of the world’s ultra high-end audio/video brands use rebadged OPPO Blu-ray as their own… at 2x to 8x the price of an OPPO.

While OPPO is usually a direct-to-consumer brand, StereoTypes is one of the very few exclusive direct installing dealers for OPPO.  With many their products in stock and pricing identical to buying direct, why buy online when you can shop local?

Additionally, StereoTypes offers professional installation, calibration and OPPO Pro-MOD kits that enhance performance of OPPO players.

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