All of today’s technology: mobile devices, cloud-based apps, smart-TVs, IP Phones,  video conferencing, etc., they all require a network.

Let Stereo Types show you how easy it is to bring tomorrow’s technology to your home or office today!

Home Networks & Wi-Fi

Though some of our clients have propeller-hats bigger than ours, most aren’t exactly network engineers.   If you’re one of the few just mentioned, you already know what we’re about to discuss…

…If you’re like most, it’s doubtful you realize most of those frustrating calls to your internet provider can be avoided by simply having StereoTypes provide you with a Wi-Fi system engineered just for you.

You see, as technology around us advances at light speed, a thoughtfully planned Wi-Fi network has quickly become more necessity than luxury.  The Wi-Fi furnished by your internet provider or the one you bought on Amazon based on those great reviews; they may be fine for a small home to send e-mails and surf the web from one or 2 computers, but they are simply not designed to handle the constant stream of data your mobile devices, and entertainment systems inflict.  In fact, the typical home today generates as much network traffic as a fairly good sized corporate environment… hard to believe, but true.

Just like your plumbing, it doesn’t matter how fancy of faucets and shower heads you have, if your pipes are sufficient, you’ll never get the water pressure you want.  That’s the kind of impact things like smart-phones, smart-TVs and streaming have on your network.  Even if you’re subscribing to the super-duper, wiz-bang service the guy in India sold you on the last time you complained about your service, if your infrastructure can’t support it, you’ll never experience the performance you’re paying for.

So before commit to higher monthly fees, pick up the phone and call StereoTypes for a professional evaluation of your network.  With our world-class solutions and available 24/7 network monitoring and after-hours support, Stereo Types delivers the kind of experience you should expect from your technology.

Office Networks & Wi-Fi

In small business, most of us don’t have the luxury (I.e.: capitol) to have our own IT department. Instead, when we set up our networks or have a problem, we either find the closest millennial in the office or we pull off our CEO hat and put on our Network Administrator hat…

…Unplug this, reboot that, and of course… the 2-hour phone call to an offshore help desk with “Mike”…

All of today’s technology: mobile devices, cloud-based apps, IP Phones,  video conferencing, etc., they all require a network. What most of us without an IT department don’t realize is the stuff your internet service provider installs or local office supply store sells is not designed to support any of these technologies but rather designed for yesteryears’ residential installation.

While it’s seems easy to decide business class networks are expensive and difficult to quantify the productivity and sales lost dealing with a poor network, we can tell you… it’s huge.

For many businesses, that one missed phone call could pay for that seemingly “expensive” computer network.

With our world-class solutions and available 24/7 network monitoring, Stereo Types delivers the kind of experience our clients expect from their technology.

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