What is the Best Way to Control Smart Lighting?

Lutron Offers a Variety of Ways to Manage Your Smart Lighting System

If you’re considering the purchase of a lighting control system like Lutron, you’re probably wondering how you’ll manage it. We have great news for you — there are so many easy ways to access and manage a new Lutron lighting control! This brand has stepped up the game when it comes to user-friendly solutions for smart lighting and home innovation. They’ve gone the extra mile to ensure their lighting controls are accessible and straightforward enough for even novice technology users. 

Continue reading to explore five easy ways to manage your Lutron lighting control, adding elegance and function to your Charlottesville, VA, area home.

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#1: The Lutron App, Your Mobile Command Center

You can download the Lutron app onto your smartphone or tablet to use as the central hub for your home’s lighting management. Navigate through each room’s settings with ease, adjusting brightness, customizing colors, and setting preferred scenes. And the best part? Control isn’t only confined to your home’s Wi-Fi. With the Lutron app, you can manage your home’s lighting from anywhere in the world, providing convenience and flexibility.

#2: Custom Wall Keypads, Elegant Simplicity

A Lutron custom wall keypad is no ordinary light switch. These are technology wonders that can transform your home’s ambiance instantly. Welcome the day with a preset lighting scene like “Morning” that includes dimly lit lights throughout your kitchen and hallways. Press “Away” when leaving for the day to turn all lights off and lower motorized shades. You also can integrate other smart technologies into the keypad scenes for greater convenience.

#3: Voice Assistant Integration, Hands-Free Control

Connect your Lutron lighting control with popular voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, Josh.ai, and more. A voice control gives you effortless access to your home’s lighting without lifting a finger. Embrace the power of voice control to turn lighting off and on when you enter or leave a room in a way that feels natural and is highly efficient.

#4: Touch Screen Control Panel, Dedicated Access

For those who prefer a dedicated control point in their homes, Lutron offers a touch screen panel that can be wall-mounted or placed on a nearby tabletop. These panels display the user interface exclusively and eliminate the distraction of other apps. 

#5: Automated Scheduling and Geofencing, Smarter Living

For homeowners who want as little work as possible, Lutron’s automated scheduling does the work for you. The lighting control system can be personalized to your home’s lighting needs based on your daily usage patterns. Geofencing technology adds another layer of automation, recognizing your presence at home to adjust lights accordingly. Now, how’s that for easier living?!

In Charlottesville, VA, and along the East Coast from New York to Florida, StereoTypes provides sophisticated and easy-to-use Lutron lighting control solutions. Lutron delivers a smarter and more convenient living experience with many control options. For more information, contact StereoTypes at (888) 217-9488 and consider how lighting control could elevate your home today.

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