HTA Budget Analyzer

Stereo Types is honored to be recognized as an HTA Luxury & Design Certified Partner.  One of their consumer-facing tools is the HTA Technology Budget calculator– a powerful tool that provides high-level cost estimates based on your project, helping you understand what your project may cost based on the various performance, quality and aesthetic options that exist.

Whether you’re a homeowner planning a media room or an architect working on your 100th luxury smart home, the HTA Budget Calculator is an excellent starting point to get educated on what’s available, and how various options will impact budgets.  

Please remember that this tool does not consider Stereo Types (or any other HTA members’) pricing as the basis for the pricing it generates.  It is based on nationally collected data by surveying hundreds of technology integrators.  If you question this, we encourage you to visit the HTA Website, go to the budget calculator, and enter the identical dataset you entered here.  If you enter identical data, your results will be as well.

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