Whether a 28’ Cruiser, a 45’ Sport Fisher, or a 90m Super Yacht; reliable and easy to use technology on board is an important part of ensuring a memorable experience whether you’re decked in the beautiful beaches of Naples, Florida or out on the water.

With StereoTypes 30+ years of experience delivering high-tech entertainment, surveillance and network systems on yachts, coaches, private aircraft, there is no better technology partner for your vessel.

Set Sail with Smart Yacht Automation

When you’re surrounded by the sea miles from land, you need reliable and easy-to-use technology that everyone on board understands. Enjoy dinner and drinks with high-quality audio, starry nights with your favorite movies, and dependable internet for any information you need.

Since 1976, Stereo Types has delivered world-class sound, video, and smart technology installations to our clients. Whether you have a 28-foot cruiser or a 90-meter super yacht, there’s no better partner for your vessel’s entertainment, surveillance, and networking.

Just like a smart home, you can control all your yacht’s speakers, displays, lighting and shading control, and more right from your smartphone. Our team of system architects, technicians, and programmers works with beloved automation brands like Crestron, Savant, and Control4 for an intuitive user experience.

Ready to head out on the waves with modern, upgraded technology? Explore our yacht AV services.

Smart Technology & Control Systems

In one press of a button, you can manage your yacht’s lighting, shading, audio, video, and security from your smart control system.

As Crestron, Savant and Control4 dealers, we can transform any sized boat to function just as intuitively as a smart home. Days at sea should be as relaxing as possible, so why fiddle with several remotes or smartphone apps to manage your technology? Bring it all under one umbrella with a smart marine system.

By integrating all of your devices, you can set the mood on board for any time of day in an instant. Change the hue of the lights, raise the shades, and start a party playlist all at once. At home and want to check in on your boat? View surveillance footage and receive activity alerts right to your phone.

Smart living isn’t only for on land. We can bring all of our smart technology solutions to your ‘home’ on the Atlantic.

Network & Wi-Fi

It sounds lovely to disconnect from social media and enjoy your family’s company. But what if you’re at sea for days, weeks, or even months? You’re going to need internet.

There are many ways to bring a reliable wireless network onboard. If you’re in a marina, land-based Wi-Fi with a well-constructed network and bridges will do the job. But once you depart for sea, you’ll lose connection. Internet via cell service with marine hotspots can supply connection on the water, but it will only work until you’re about five to ten miles offshore.

A satellite communication system will provide internet almost anywhere you take your yacht. We install equipment and antennas that are adapted for moving, oceangoing vessels so you can browse the web, search weather information, and call friends back home.

By adding higher bandwidth to your network, you can use more data to download files and even stream TV. Depending on your needs, we’ll help find a networking system that suits your family’s lifestyle and internet usage.

Satellite TV, Internet & Phone Systems for Boats

For communications offshore, reliable performance is imperative. From marine digital TV antennas to internet and phone systems, Stereo Types offers a number of reliable solutions to fit any sized vessel.

At home, an interruption in TV, phone, and internet service is a mild source of aggravation. But on the water, a failure of your digital TV antenna or V-Sat systems may not just be a nuisance—it could be a matter of life and death.

When faced with peoples’ lives, we never approach engineering to save money. Much like you wouldn’t ask your heart surgeon to use cheap valves, you wouldn’t ask us to put you or your passengers at risk.

We install durable satellite domes that are watertight and impervious to salty air. The best gyroscope technology ensures your vessel maintains a solid connection to your phone and TV provider, regardless of how rough the water may be. Our satellite and digital antenna systems are built to withstand the most extreme nautical situations.

Still, it doesn’t matter how rock-solid your electronics are when your service providers don’t offer enough bandwidth for your devices. That’s why we share up-to-date information about the service providers we trust with our lives.

Audio, Video & Media Systems

Yachting is all about memorable experiences.  There is no better way to set the mood on board than playing the right music or video content.

In the world of high-tech systems, finding the perfect balance of performance, reliability and ease of use is no easy task. This is why Stereo Types should be your only call for installing or upgrading your yacht AV services with marine speakers and screens.

Whether you’re playing oldies rock or hip hop, bask in your favorite tunes on the sea with high-end speakers by brands like Sony, JL Audio, and Bowers & Wilkens.

Media storage lets you take your favorite movies and musicians far out to sea where streaming doesn’t reach, so you’ll always have a library of content ready to enjoy. We install Kaleidescape, DirecTV, and custom-built systems by Plex for your locally stored entertainment.

In fact, installing high-end systems on mega-yachts is how Stereo Types’ Sr. Systems Engineer and co-owner, Chad Shell, got started with audio, video, and automation systems. Today, we have expanded from boats to entire homes and businesses.

Barnacle & Algae Prevention

We know—you’re thinking, “What does an audio-visual company know about maintaining the hull of my boat?”  Well, we know about sound frequencies and how they can deter algae and barnacles.

Whether you’re paying a diver to come out once a week or pulling her for scraping and painting on a regular basis, if you’re properly maintaining your boat, algae and barnacle removal is likely costing you thousands of dollars each year.

So, what if we told you that you can reduce your hull maintenance by fifty percent? Our electro-sonic solutions energize the hull of the boat with a sound wave that eradicates algae and barnacles without introducing toxins to the water.

Installed often in less than a day, usually without pulling your vessel from the water, Stereo Types can send algae and barnacles running to your neighbor’s boat.

Installation Services and Support

If you’ve been in a hairy situation on the water, you know the failure of a marine satellite TV, sound system, or satellite phone isn’t just an annoying inconvenience.

In the event of a system failure on your yacht, we’re not just talking about an annoyance—lives may be at stake.

While electronic reliability should always be a concern, in reality, installation-related problems are often the culprit of a system failure.

Corroded wires and connectors, exposure to water, improper device mounting, cables snapping due to improper tensioning loops, and more can lead to technology malfunctions. With the proper steps during installation and routine maintenance afterward, these issues are entirely avoidable.

To install electronics in private planes, boats, and yachts, we understand the stakes are much higher than anywhere else. No matter if it’s a tower speaker on your fishing boat or a Crestron touch-panel on your super yacht, Stereo Types’ ongoing client care programs are all about keeping you, your family, and your guests entertained and safe on the water.

Our marine installations include a specific installation process, adopted from aircraft, military and telecom specifications and designed to provide “the five nines” reliability (99.999 percent reliable). And when clients take advantage of our “5-9 Client Care Program”, that standard will be maintained no matter how many hundreds or thousands of hours you use your vessel.

Could your yacht benefit from a new automation or AV system? Contact us today to get started.

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