Let Josh.ai Control Your Smart Home Effortlessly

Voice Control Offers Hands-Free Management of Your Smart Home 

Imagine returning to your Charlottesville, VA, home at the end of a long day. You walk in the door and shout, “Josh, time to relax!” Immediately, the lights illuminate to the amber color of sunset, your “Peaceful” playlist begins streaming through your property, the gas fireplace ignites, and the spa heats up. Can you imagine it?

That’s the combined power of home automation and voice control. Together, they create seamless management and automation of all your connected smart devices, including climate, lighting, entertainment, security, and more. While these systems offer one-touch control using touchscreens, remotes, in-wall keypads, and mobile devices, voice control is one of our clients’ favorite methods for managing their smart homes. 

Let’s explore what these voice-controlled systems offer and why we recommend Josh.ai to our clients all along the East Coast, from New York to Florida.

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Why We Recommend Josh.ai

At StereoTypes, we create customized smart homes that enhance our clients’ everyday lives and are effortless to control. While we can integrate any preferred voice assistant platform for hands-free control of your devices, we consider Josh.ai the go-to assistant for the integrated smart home. The company’s adherence to data privacy and the platform’s natural language learning make Josh.ai the top voice control assistant on the market today!

Josh was Built for Smart Homes

Unlike Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa, Josh was designed with home automation in mind. When you make a command to lower the shades by 50% and dim the lights, Josh understands. And unless you tell Josh otherwise, these actions will occur in the room you’re making the command! Saying, “Ok, Josh, let’s watch Blacklist” while standing in the media room will turn on the TV, pull up Netflix, and tune into your latest series. 

Because of its superior Natural Language Processing, Josh understands more complex voice commands than other popular voice assistants. You can speak to Josh like you’re talking to a friend instead of a robot, so there’s no need to remember clunky phrasing or complicated commands.

The AI in Josh.ai

Josh’s last initials stand for artificial intelligence. Like the smart homes it controls, Josh is also intelligent. Josh learns your preferences as you continue to use your smart home control system. For example, do you prefer the house to be a specific temperature when you sleep at night? Josh will come to understand and automatically set the temperature, lock the doors, and turn off the lights when it’s time for bed.

Built with Privacy & Innovation in Mind

Alexa and Google may have ulterior motives, like selling Amazon products or targeting advertisements on the internet. Some people don’t mind that their voice control platform uses their information to provide targeted messages. Others mind. The founders of Josh.ai promise never to share or sell your information to third parties for advertising.

Josh.ai also offers a “conversation mode,” and the Nano features a disconnect toggle switch that disables the microphone and turns off listening functionality.
To learn more about home automation and voice control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact StereoTypes today.

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