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Should You Care about High Resolution for Whole Home Audio?

With the advent of the digital audio revolution some two-plus decades ago, audiophiles have bemoaned a perceived downgrade in audio quality from music sources. Devices like the iPod and the smartphone tended to carry compressed digital formats for universal compatibility and to save on storage, but it was at the expense of the loss of some audio detail and dynamics in music. Enter streaming services in the past dozen years, and the transformation was complete.

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Trust A Crestron Dealer to Keep Your Smart Home Running Smoothly

Crestron is one of the oldest names in home automation, tracing its roots back to an era long before home automation was a term. Crestron smart systems could handle some of the largest and most complicated home automation challenges, in large part because of a highly customizable and programmable system that offered a wide range of ways to automate things.

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Why Crestron?

Work with a Crestron dealer for truly customized smart home automation There are plenty of options available for smart home

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Robertson Home

For these ‘boomer grandparents, simplicity of operation and minimizing wall-clutter were their hot-buttons. The result was an array of sophisticated

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Home Gym Upgrade

#homegymupgrade by features Crestron Electronics HQ DM video switching, #crestron #lightingcontrols, #paradigmspeakers built into the ceiling.

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