4 Ways To Create the Ultimate Backyard Fun With Savant

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Craft Your Backyard Retreat with Outdoor Entertainment Solutions

Homeowners in Florida have the fantastic opportunity to enjoy warm and inviting temperatures throughout the year. This means that backyard areas become a part of your living space and prime real estate for entertainment.  

StereoTypes helps with this transformation project, providing seamless integration of Savant smart technology and user-friendly controls to enjoy your Naples, FL, backyard at a whole new level. Serving the East Coast from New York to Florida, StereoTypes ensures you receive the setup of your dreams! Continue reading to learn four ways we leverage Savant to create the ultimate backyard for outdoor entertainment

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#1. Centralize Outdoor Control 

Centralizing the control of all your outdoor technology makes managing the various aspects of the space much easier. With Savant, you can control the lighting, audio, video, and even your security systems with a single app or remote. With control at your fingertips, program a serene night under the stars or a celebratory pool party, all while focusing on what truly matters—enjoying these special moments with friends and family.

#2. Create Customized Scenes for Any Occasion

Personalize your outdoor space for any event using Savant’s customizable scenes. Planning a movie night? Program the deck lights to lower, the outdoor TV to turn on Netflix, and the volume to increase without leaving the comfort of your chair. Hosting a dinner? Schedule the lighting to shift to a warm hue when dinner is served to create the perfect dining ambiance. With Savant, you have the flexibility to program settings in advance or modify them in real-time to ensure your backyard always reflects the mood of the moment. With the ability to customize many things, your outdoor area becomes a versatile entertainment zone.

#3. Boost Security for Peace of Mind

Outdoor entertainment can create a security concern for homeowners. To protect your technology investments, leverage Savant’s advanced security features like camera feeds, alerts, and access control for your backyard. These enhanced security measures will help you relax and enjoy your leisure time, knowing your investments and guests are safe.

#4. Enhance Safety with Smart Lighting

Outdoor spaces can be challenging to navigate at night without solutions like Savant’s smart lighting. Make safety at night a priority by activating motion sensors or setting timers to illuminate walkways, highlight potential hazards, and ensure guests can see to move safely around your backyard. Also, consider the aesthetic appeal of a backyard lighting design to add to the overall outdoor entertainment experience.

At StereoTypes, we love the luxury and enjoyment that a well-planned outdoor entertainment area can deliver to homeowners in Naples, FL, and along the entire East Coast. With the help of Savant’s smart control system, you can elevate your outdoor living to new heights, making it easier to entertain, relax, and enjoy your home’s outdoor areas. Contact us at (888) 217-9488 for more information about creating the ultimate outdoor entertainment space for your home!

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