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Most people think of a home theater as an indoor affair, but what if you wanted something unique… something really special?

Well, naturally you’d commission one of the world’s top luxury home technology systems designers; which in this case, was Stereo Types own, Chad Shell.

The simple yet elegant terrace transforms itself into the ultimate outdoor home theater at the push of a button from the client’s Crestron control system… or with the push of the bedroom button, magically flips the image and sound to provide a theater experience in the guest suite.

This dual-view video system allows our client to have 2 home theaters with a single set of electronics by using a specially designed screen cut into a bedroom wall.  The projector is mounted in the back of the bedroom and depending on the selection from the Crestron control system, then image & sound will automatically flip to correctly display in the desired area.

System features the following equipment:

  • Integra Surround Sound Electronics
  • Runco Home Theater Projector
  • Paradigm In-Ceilling Speakers
  • Velodyne Subwoofers
  • Crestron Control System
  • Crestron Video Switching

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