Why You Should Use Sound Waves for Marine Growth Prevention

Save Thousands of Dollars a Year and Protect Your Yacht with the Power of Sound

Antifouling is one of the most important and expensive parts of yacht maintenance. If it’s not done properly and regularly, the algae and other growths that attach to your hull will not only affect its speed, meaning you’ll consume more fuel, but also cause damage. But marine growth prevention can get expensive and time-consuming, often requiring regular pull-outs and visits from a diver.

But what if we told you there was a better, more affordable, and more environmentally friendly way to prevent marine growth on your hull? Instead of manually cleaning your yacht, ultrasonic antifouling uses sound waves to prevent buildup on your hull. Keep reading to see how this technology can benefit your yacht, whether you sail off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, FL, Martha’s Vineyard, or New York.

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How It Works

Companies like StereoTypes can install an ultrasonic system on your yacht, typically without pulling it from the water. Once installed, the system produces specific, low-energy sound waves, creating a very difficult environment for algae and barnacles to grow in. This keeps marine life from growing on your hull for longer periods before requiring hands-on antifouling treatment.

Extend Paint Life and Save Money

Antifouling paint is expensive and a hassle to apply. So don’t paint more than you have to! Electro-sonic antifouling systems keep your hull cleaner for longer, increasing the time a coat of paint will last. They don’t eliminate the need for the paint altogether but will let you get more out of each coat of paint.

You probably have a diver come to maintain your yacht and clean your hull in between paintings. Ultrasonic marine growth solutions reduce that need as well. So while it may still be good to have a diver come occasionally, you won’t need as many visits as you might without electro-sonic solutions.

Protect the Environment

Antifouling paint works because its chemical makeup makes it hard for marine growth to attach itself to the hull. And while that’s great for your yacht’s health, it can also leach toxic chemicals into the ocean. On the other hand, if you don’t use antifouling paint, your vessel will be slowed down by algae and barnacles, causing you to consume more fuel. 

Either way, it’s not great for the environment. Electro-sonic solutions improve fuel efficiency and reduce the need for frequent repainting. It’s an environmentally friendly way to maintain your yacht with fewer needs for toxic chemicals.

Are you ready to save money on yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and reduce your environmental impact? Contact StereoTypes today! We’ll discuss our electro-sonic marine growth prevention systems and how they can help you and your marine vessel.

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