3 Music Pairings to Make the Holidays More Fun

Use Your Whole House Audio System to Liven Holiday Gatherings

The beauty of home automation is that you can do multiple tasks at once; who doesn’t love killing two birds with one stone? When you add music into the mix, it makes daily life even more fun.

A lot of people look forward to the holidays, and it’s the perfect time of year to play some great music and get into a festive spirit. This month we are giving you some suggestions for some wise pairings of music and other smart home features. Stick around the get the scoop after the jump.

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1. Music + Lights
Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or any other type of holiday this time of year, music and lights are a great pairing. For example, customize your smart home with a specific scene that turns on the Christmas tree lights and a top hits holiday playlist at the same time. Or, turn on the menorah and your favorite songs together. You can activate the scene using your voice via the Echo, an app on a tablet or your smartphone.

2. Music + Lights + HVAC + Video
Having family over for the holidays? Create a custom smart scene that plays festive music, dims the lights to create ambience, turns on the football game or other holiday programming, and keeps the house warm via a smart thermostat. Background music will keep everyone in good spirits while they sip wine, watch TV or converse with old friends.

3. Music + Shades
When it’s time to wind down, close the blackout shades in your bedroom and turn some relaxing music on at the same time. With the press of one button, you can read a book, journal or just rest while listening to beautiful music in privacy.

How do you create a music pairing?

Now that you have some ideas for combining music with other activities and smart home features, we can explain how it works.

First off, a whole house audio system automatically expands your options for songs. You can select from a personal collection of music on iTunes, a streaming platform like Spotify, or any other music service. Then create your own custom playlist and save it under a name.

Once you have the playlist ready, or channel, you can open up your smart home app and select when you want the music to play (if you want it timed out), the location (like a bedroom), and any other feature such as turning the lights on or opening the shades. It’s that simple! You can recall the scene using a remote, button on a keypad, or with the app on a mobile device.

To learn more about adding music to your Virginia home, contact us online.

Create Your Own Music Pairing

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