3 Smart Reasons to Upgrade Your Lighting Control System

Find Out How Smart Lighting Makes Your Day Better

You may not even realize it, but your lighting control system is one of the most versatile and useful technologies in your Richmond, VA property. It makes your furnishing look beautiful, it enhances the energy efficiency of your spaces, and it even helps you live a healthier lifestyle. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can get the most out of your lighting system by upgrading to smart control. Find out more here.

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Enhance Beauty

A cornerstone of any interior design aesthetic is the lighting. During the day, you can enjoy natural, white light from the sun. But at night  — or in rooms that don’t have many windows — you need to replicate that look to bring out the beauty of your decor.

Recessed LED lights are a smart way to introduce clear light to your spaces without cluttering the walls and ceiling with fixtures. Instead, they sit back within the ceiling, so you won’t have to look at them when they’re not in use.

Additionally, smart control allows you to adjust different zones separately. That means you can create a layered, structured look and highlight the areas you love while downplaying the ones you don’t.

Increase Energy Efficiency

LED are among the most energy-efficient technologies you can use in your home. Not only can you track energy use with integrated smart control systems, but you can also rely on the fixtures themselves to help you save.

Many LED fixtures are very long-lasting. The devices can last over a decade with regular usage. Plus, they use up to 80 percent of the energy used to light them, rather than burning most of it off like incandescent bulbs. They are also often made from biodegradable materials, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Light is a crucial factor when it comes to personal wellness. Circadian rhythms — the way your body naturally responds to sunlight — is disrupted with unnatural light from your fixtures, screens, and more.

Major manufacturers choose to combat this by creating tunable lighting. Tunable allows you to adjust the color temperature of your fixtures to match the natural light throughout the day. An automated system will gradually adjust the intensity of the color temperature for a hands-free way to stay healthier.

The result is a system that helps you sleep better at night and remain active throughout your day. Want to learn more about smart lighting? Click here.

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