The Best Way to Create that Luxury Home Look? LED Lighting


LED Lighting Control Systems Bring Out the Best in Home Design


What is it that makes a person gasp in awe when they enter a home? Is it the décor on the walls? The vaulted ceilings? The tasteful furniture? Perhaps it’s all of those things at once, but there’s one element that definitely plays a huge role: light.

The right lighting can set the mood in each room. It can make rooms feel brighter, larger, grander, and more luxurious.

Of course, natural light can be a fickle thing, especially in the Naples, Florida area where the weather changes constantly. Fortunately, that’s where lighting control systems come in.


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What is a Lighting Control System?

Lighting control is a technology that essentially makes all of the light fixtures in your home “smart.” Using an app on your smartphone, a touchscreen embedded in the wall, a remote, or even a voice command, you can adjust the lights across your home. Lights can dim, brighten, turn off and on, and change hue in an instance – all through the power of smart home technology.


How Does It Affect Home Design?

The power of lighting control goes far beyond turning the lights on and off. The system can control the lighting in each room, creating the perfect brightness for any given occasion. Using smart “scenes” such as party, dinner, movie time, and more, you can instantly change the look and feel of the room. Selecting “movie time,” for example, would cause the overhead lights to dim in your home cinema or media room, leaving only subtle lighting illuminating the exit.

A “party” scene could cause the lights to change to a fun color or perhaps match the beats to the music playing throughout the home. Whatever the night calls for, you can set a scene with the perfect lighting.

To create that luxurious feel in each room, you can set your smart home system to monitor the lighting levels and adjust the fixtures to keep each area at the optimal brightness. When the Florida sun causes a room to be too bright, motorized window treatments can instantly lower to lessen the glare – without you even having to lift a finger. And on stormy, dreary days, the light bulbs throughout the room will brighten automatically to create a cheery atmosphere indoors.


Why LED Lighting?

LED lighting offers so much more flexibility than other light bulb alternatives. Beyond being far more energy-efficient, LEDs allow you to choose from hundreds of different color hues to match the décor and style of each room. The LEDs also last significantly longer, so you won’t have to worry about swapping out light bulbs anytime soon.


A lighting control system is an excellent addition to any luxury home in the Naples area. If you would like to learn more about the different possibilities for adding smart lighting or other smart technologies to your property, please call us at (239) 438-4500 or fill out this quick contact form.


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