3 Ways You Can Benefit from a Crestron System

Get the Most out of Automation

The beautiful thing about Naples, FL is that it’s gorgeous all year ‘round. Thanks to Florida’s sunny climate, you can spend most days outside. Whether you’re in the backyard barbecuing, watching a movie on the deck, or going in and out entertaining family and friends, your home is a sanctuary for both indoor and outdoor activities. So you want to enjoy an integrated technology system that satisfies both. Thankfully, a Crestron system can do it. Keep reading to find out more.


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Total Control

Crestron offers complete control over all your home technology. From the lights to the AV; security to comfort controls, there are plenty of ways you can experience the ease of smart technology throughout your day.

Home automation helps multiple systems work together. For instance, one touch on your control device can dim the lights, turn on your TV, take you to the movie-selection menu, and raise the volume on your sound system to the appropriate level. Your installer can customize the controls to fit your lifestyle so that you can get the most out of your system.


Custom Components

With so many different smart home manufacturers out there, you may wonder what makes each of them unique. In Crestron’s case, they make all of their own components. From lighting to shading and everything in between, you can count on your Creston system for compatibility.

Crestron provides users with an ample selection of gear that’s made to simplify your lifestyle. But because the company manufactures it’s own devices; they’re also capable of customizing systems to your needs. They recognize that every home is different, and they take strides to make your system unique.

Another advantage of Crestron’s in-house manufacturing is that you can always count on uniform system updates. There’s nothing worse than a system that fails because of a software update that changed necessary communication protocols between devices. Since Crestron builds all its own parts, all updates work seamlessly.


An Eye Toward the Future

Crestron is a forward-thinking, high-end automation company. Their approach doesn’t just cover what’s happening now but what can happen tomorrow, too.

For instance, while they recognize the shift from physical controls to voice commands, they weren’t satisfied with the clunky control options that Amazon’s popular Alexa offered. Recently, they’ve partnered with John.ai, a dedicated voice control company that emphasizes compatibility with home automation.

Instead of a string of complex vocal commands, Josh.ai is intuitive and can learn how to respond to you the way you need. For instance, if you walk into a room and say “Josh, turn on the lights,” the lights will turn on in that room. There’s no need to verbally specify your location or which lights you want to use.


With Crestron’s reliability and Josh’s intuitive controls, you can do more with your smart technology. Want to learn more about the benefits of a Crestron system? Click here.

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