Don’t Worry, Be Happy with a Multi-Room Audio System

The Scientific Reason You Should Invest in a Whole House System

We love music, and chances are, you do too. Music makes us happy, helps us experience our emotions, and makes any situation better. So why wouldn’t you want to enjoy great sounding, high-quality tunes throughout your Naples, FL home?

If you haven’t considered adding an easy-to-use multi-room audio system to your home yet, check out the smart reasons you should — backed by science! In this blog we will look over one of the best benefits to upgrading your system this spring.

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Why Music Makes Us Happy

Most folks can’t seem to go a day without listening to their favorite music. It’s not just that it helps brighten your mood; it can also encourage feelings of comfort and wellness. But how does it work? According to Ashford University:

“One of the first things that happens when music enters our brains is the triggering of pleasure centers that release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy. This response is so quick, the brain can even anticipate the most pleasurable peaks in familiar music and prime itself with an early dopamine rush.”

In other words, your brain has a physical response to hearing your favorite song. Additionally, some studies have shown that your reaction to music can also impact your overall wellness. Some experiments have resulted in “upticks in immunity-boosting antibodies and cells that protect against bacteria and other invaders.”

Quality Matters

If knowing that music can help boost your mood naturally and may help you live healthier doesn’t convince you, consider this: the quality of the sound matters, too. That means a single wireless speaker in each room won’t cut it.

According to a study published on, high-frequency components (HFCs) in sound affect the brain. HFCs are sounds too high for humans to hear and for years had been neglected in popular media like CDs, MP3s, and low-quality sound system. It also shows that natural sound, as recorded in the rainforest, is full of HFCs.

Simply put: natural sound is the most pleasing to us, and it’s full of HFCs. The only way to experience them in music is through high-quality media, like a high-end sound system.

A whole-house music system evenly distributes the sound throughout each of your rooms. Expert configuration, high-end components, and professional calibration make each of your spaces sound like a music hall.

The best part? You can select songs from streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, who all offer premium, lossless audio tiers. Or you can stream from your own uncompressed audio library. And you can do it all with a single, comprehensive system that lets you choose what, where, and when you listen with a few swipes on your tablet or smartphone.

Want to experience better music in your home (and maybe get a little healthier, too)? It all starts by clicking here.

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