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Living with Automation

What’s it like living with smart home control? It means a simpler lifestyle. From the moment you wake up until you step outside and take in the fresh Naples, Florida air, your house works to keep you comfortable, safe, and entertained. Convenience is the main factor, and there are plenty of ways you may not even realize an integrated system can improve your day-to-day. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

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In the Morning

Imagine: it’s time to wake up. But instead of the jarring bleat of your alarm, you slowly awaken to the sounds of your favorite musical artist filtering into your bedroom through architecturally mounted speakers. That’s because you tapped a button on your smart home control system before you went to sleep. Your home automatically prepared to make your morning more comfortable.

As the music plays, the overhead lights slowly raise as well. Thanks to tunable white light fixtures, they match your early-morning circadian rhythms, so you don’t have to squint. As you get ready in the bathroom, you can catch up with the news and check the weather on an integrated smart mirror. By the time you make it down the hall and into the kitchen for breakfast, the shades are up, the thermostat is at a comfortable temperature, and you’re ready to start your day.

In the Afternoon

As the sun rises in the sky, the light changes and encourages you to become more active and productive. A similar thing happens to your lighting system — your fixtures “tune” to reflect the type of light produced by the sun.

As you leave for the grocery store, you can tap a button on the smart control panel next to the door. This button will lock all the electronic door locks in your entryways, arm the security system, shut off all AV, and raise the temperature on the thermostat to save you energy while you’re out.

When you come back, another button will prepare your home for your arrival. You can set timers and occupancy sensors, too. That way, you can operate a hands-free system for any time you leave the house.

In the Evening

As the sun goes down, so will your automatic shades so that you can enjoy a private, cozy evening. The light intensity will slowly increase for increased visibility, but the lighting will also tune to warmer shades and get you more relaxed as the evening progresses.

One tap on a handheld controller will turn on your home entertainment system. Select a movie and stream it in full 4K, thanks to your flat-panel TV and a network upgrade that can support it. Audio plays through a soundbar mounted beneath the TV and through two surround sound speakers positioned behind you. Once the movie is over and it’s time for bed, another tap will turn everything off.

The system will not just turn off the TV and the audio system — your doors will lock, the lights will turn off, and any remaining technology will enter rest mode. Additionally, timers will engage and prepare your system to play the sounds of your favorite music or program in the morning.

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