A Surprising Benefit of Home Lighting Control

Did You Know It’s Good for Your Health?

It seems that Americans are more health-conscious than ever before. We’re working harder at eating better, exercising more, and keeping our vices in check.

One area that doesn’t get as much attention in health is lighting. Yet light affects our health in various ways. Our bodies have internal clocks that regulate our cycles; it’s called the circadian rhythm. Light plays a big role in that rhythm, and it’s why we mostly sleep at night and are more active by day.

If you are familiar with a feature called “Night mode” on Apple and Android portable devices, you know that night mode uses warmer tones on the screen backlighting in the evening to help promote relaxation. Bright blue light tones tend to keep us awake, and warm tones tend to wind us down. That same concept is being applied to LED lighting and home lighting control, and it may be able to help you lead a healthier lifestyle in your Naples, FL home.

Read on to learn more about the health benefits of tunable lighting.

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Color Your World

Studies show that light color can be as important as the intensity in regulating our rhythms. One of the best features of the latest LED lighting bulbs and fixtures is the ability to tune white light and even have it change color. In the not-so-old days of incandescent and fluorescent technology, you couldn’t get different tones of warm and cool shades of white light. Whatever you had—you were stuck with. LED changes the game with the ability to change white light, and also add color – all on command.

Alter the Mood

Just like warm candlelight can set a mood, tunable LED lighting can do the same for all parts of the day. You could set your lights to brighter, bluer daytime shades during the day, keeping you alert. As the sun sets, your lights can go warmer, mimicking the effect of natural light. You can be more productive during the day and promote relaxation in the evening to unwind.

Control the Light

As important as the right lighting is, the absence of it can be just as critical. Automated blackout shades that lower and raise at the correct times can promote a better and more restful night’s sleep. Sleep is vital to keeping our rhythms balanced and to our overall health – and light plays a role. A home automation system can synchronize your automated shades and lighting to ensure you always have the right type of light, and the right amount of it as well.


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