Get Ready for Fall Entertainment with a New Home Theater System

3 Ways to Watch in Your Charlottesville Home

The fall is an exciting time in entertainment. Not only is it football season, but many popular shows air on all the major networks. From Game of Thrones on HBO to Stranger Things on Netflix and all of the holiday programing, you’ll have plenty to keep yourself busy if you are a fan. Of course you need to be ready for the season with the right home theater system components. Do you have surround sound? The right sources and controls? A UHD television? We can help you set up your home theater, whether it’s in your living room, basement, or bedroom. Here are some options to think about.

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The Dedicated Theater

A dedicated theater has been the standard way of enjoying premium entertainment at home. Basically, it’s like a private theater. Instead of driving to the local theater and dealing with the crowds, you can stay in. You’ll get a cinema-standard 4K projector, giant screen, leather theater seating and an enclosed room with a 3D audio surround sound system. We’ll also put custom controls in your hand so you can adjust everything from the volume and movie choice to the temperature. The requirement is space—you need to dedicate a big enough room to outfit it solely for watching TV shows, movies and more.

The Media Room

A home theater system doesn’t have to be in a dedicated room. We can install a large TV, in-wall speakers and control system in a living area that can double as a reading room or play area for your kids. One way to accomplish this is to hide the technology and then only reveal it when you want to. Hide a TV in a mirror, behind a piece of artwork or in custom furniture. Your speakers will be in the walls so you won’t see them either. If your living room has a lot of windows, we can install motorized shades to help prevent glare and also improve the acoustics. With the press of one button, the entire room will be ready for Sunday Night Football with your gang of friends, or for a Friday night movie with your spouse.

The Bedroom or Basement

What do you do to unwind at the end of the day? If you like to relax in your bedroom with a good show, installing home theater equipment in your room may be the best option. We can place a motorized lift in a piece of furniture at the foot of your bed, or right on the wall behind a piece of art. Your speakers will be hidden in the walls so they don’t look like eyesores. You can hit the sack, press a button on a universal remote, activate the TV and watch anything you like until it’s time to fall asleep.

If installing a TV and speakers in your bedroom doesn’t seem like the best option for you—especially if your spouse or roommate will be disturbed, you can always turn your basement or attic into a man cave (or basement theater if you’re a woman). Add games, comfortable couches…even a popcorn machine to give the room some character and a personal touch. It’s your personal space for relaxation and enjoyment. We partner with builders and interior designers to create the most unique rooms in the Charlottesville, VA area. Let us know what you’re style and lifestyle is like and we’ll create the theater of your dreams, no matter where it’s at.

If you think your Charlottesville, VA home needs an upgrade, tell us as soon as possible! We work fast, but it’s better to get ahead of the game before the holidays hit. Contact us online or by calling us at (888) 217-9488.

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