Hit the Water this Summer with an Upgraded Boat Sound System

Whether on the Intracoastal or the Ocean, the Right Soundtrack Makes it More Memorable

Boating in South Florida is all about getting outside, enjoying the refreshing breezes, and the feeling of freedom from being on open water. Like any other pleasurable experience, it can be made even better with the right soundtrack. Whether it’s a party on your sport boat off the beach or relaxed cruising on the Intracoastal, music and sound can create the right atmosphere.

If your boat’s sound system isn’t quite up to par, you have options. The latest marine speakers can provide powerful sound that cuts through the wind and roar of the engine. If you don’t have the latest features like convenient Bluetooth connections, it’s easy to add it. And if your boat is an 80-foot cabin cruiser, you can outfit it with a multi-zone audio system just like at home.

Ready for better sound on your boat in Boca Raton? Keep reading.

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Smaller Boats

Speakers can make a big difference in marine sound. Salt air, spray, and Florida’s humidity can take a toll on speakers. If it’s time for an upgrade, the latest marine models, such as those from JL Audio, offer various options. Tower mount speakers on sport boats provide excellent sound quality and can be paired with subwoofers for more low-end bass grunt. For snazzier looks, particularly when anchored under the stars, speakers with integrated color LED lights add to the ambiance. When it’s a party, the lights can pulsate to the rhythm of the music!

With more ambient noise outside, especially when boating, amplification is important. To get the volume levels you’ll want, you may need an amplifier or several of them. If you add subwoofers, they require power amplifiers too on boats. Smaller boats can upgrade their receiver to get the latest in digital technologies. Marine digital media receivers have built-in Bluetooth for streaming from smartphones, color screens to see media, ability to use traditional sources like AM/FM radio, and IPX ratings for waterproof operation.


Larger Boats

Larger boats will have a combination of inside and outside areas that can have audio. Outside, you need marine grade speakers, but in areas that are not exposed, architectural speakers may be used. Many architectural speakers are outdoor rated – such as those installed in outdoor patio ceilings – and work well for marine use. In outside areas like decks, you’ll want marine-grade speakers such as those from JL Audio or B&W.

Larger boats may incorporate sound systems into other electronics systems like navigation systems and marine-specific wiring systems. At the highest level, home automation systems like Crestron might be used on large yachts to distribute not just audio but also video, as well as controlling lights, air conditioning, powered conveniences, and other features that you might see in a luxury home. If your older cruiser needs a redo to the latest technology, Stereo Types can help with an integrated system that fully modernizes your boat to current standards.


Let Stereo Types show you how to get your boat sound system ready for on-water fun. Call us today at (888) 217-9488, visit our contact page, or click the chatbox below to connect immediately with one of our marine audio experts. We look forward to working with you!

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