Home Automation…Where do I begin?

WTF am I doing?

For those looking to install home automation, finding an expert to create a plan in which you can then execute is imperative!


The banker who spends their days posting nonsense on the forums while sitting in their cubical is not the kind of expert I’m referring to…  Your neighbor’s 14-year-old child who “knows how to work all this stuff” is not the expert I’m referring to.


An expert is an actual company (such as StereoTypes), who’s business is specifying and/or furnishing smart-home and home automation systems and/or home automation system designs.


Just like when you begin a construction project, the amount of planning done up front typically impacts how smoothly the construction goes.  While you can’t plan for everything, you can avoid most pitfalls, reduce net cost, and keep the amount of “oh crap, I wish I had thought of that” moments to a minimum by working with a system architect who knows how to extract information and enlighten you so make the decisions that are right for you.


Even if you can’t afford to do everything you want now, the planning process can help ensure as budgets, lifestyle and technology evolves, you can modify your systems to follow suite.

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