How a New Outdoor AV System Transforms Your Property

Turn Your Outdoor Area into a Livable, Lovable Entertainment Space

Entertain your family and friends by updating your outdoor AV system. Your pool deck, patio, or backyard can be transformed into a spectacular space with ultra-bright TVs and high-performance all-weather outdoor speakers – all easily integrated with your smart home system.

Setting up an outdoor AV system at your home may seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t need to be. The experts at Stereo Types provide full design, customization, and installation services in Naples, FL and throughout the East coast to help create spaces for our clients that are uniquely theirs. Read more to see how updating your outdoor audio-visual system adds more luxury to your life.

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Take the Music Outside

Go big by going outside. Music may sound great in your headphones, but it’s so much better when you enjoy it outside through your whole-home audio system. Instead of using a standalone wireless speaker that’s connected to your phone, why not enjoy an immersive audio experience? Imagine what your next party will be like. You’ll hear audio so crisp, that it sounds like you have a live band in your backyard.

You and your guests will literally feel the music when Stereo Types installs and strategically places premium hi-fi speakers and subwoofers in your yard. And don’t worry about unsightly cords and speakers. Landscape speakers blend with your foliage while all wiring remains underground or within the walls. We also offer powerful wireless networking solutions that support streaming platforms, so you can play Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify with no glitches or connection problems.

It’s Movie Night!

Everybody loves watching a movie, a favorite sports team, or a binge-worthy TV show. If the weather is nice, you don’t have to do it indoors. In fact, with a fully updated outdoor entertainment space, it’s even better to watch outside. The newest televisions from Seura and other top-brand manufacturers display the most vivid images imaginable.

For instance, the latest models offer 4K resolution and HDR technology. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before – even more advanced than TVs from a few years ago. Also, if you have a smart home, your television can be fully interfaced with the system. You’ll enjoy easy access to your favorite channels or streaming services from one device. Best of all, it’s all connected to your outdoor audio system. Now, that is an outdoor home theater experience like no other!

Outdoor Entertainment at Its Finest

If you have a smart home, it’s time to expand its intelligence! Home automation goes where you go – inside and outside. Recline on the patio, swim in the pool, or spend time under your pergola with home automation at your fingertips. From the lighting system and smart door locks to your outdoor AV system, you’ve got luxurious living in the palm of your hand.

Find out how Stereo Types can make your outdoor area a place for entertainment. Call us today at (434) 973-8820 to schedule an appointment. You can also visit our contact page or talk to a customer service agent by using the chatbox on this page.

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