How to Choose the Perfect Automated Shades

High-end home office with Automated shades

These Features Ensure You Get the Full Benefits of Smart Shading 

You can enhance your home’s style, safety, and comfort with one simple upgrade. Automated shades expand your stylistic choices while making it easier to manage your home’s natural lighting and climate. Optimizing the smart shading solution in your Charlottesville, VA home comes down to finding the right partner, and no company offers more diverse or efficient shading options than Crestron. This blog highlights some of the top features you should consider when buying automated shades and showcases some ways Crestron stands out in each category.  

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Find the Ideal Shading Style for Your Home 

Roller shades are the most popular model when it comes to automated shades, but that doesn’t mean they should be your only choice. Expand your home’s interior décor with Crestron’s varied offerings including horizontal sheers, Roman shades, and even drapery systems. The models come with manual control options, so you can have a consistent shading design without automating all of them. Crestron usually uses concealed pockets for streamlined installations. When that’s not possible, they offer fasciae or top back covers that give a clean and stylish appearance.  

Get the Color to Match Your Design 

The next step after choosing the type of shade you want is figuring out the color. Most models come in a variety of colors to fit any style. Roller shades offer practically any color through Crestron’s Color Match service. Send a color sample for your shades and the company will match it directly.  

Choose the Right Transparency Option  

Shades can have different openness factors that determine how much sunlight they let in. Transparent ones with an openness factor between 3 and 17 percent offer solar protection and reduced heat gain. Translucent options between one and three percent further filter out natural light and provide more privacy. Blackout shades prevent light from coming through and are ideal for theater or bedroom applications.  

Make Sure Motor Noise is Not a Factor  

Equally important is motor noise. Automated shades in home theaters or bedrooms can become a distraction if they have noticeably loud motors. Crestron uses exclusive Quiet Motor Technology for almost imperceptible, silent operation. Its brushless design also provides higher reliability, since it’s usually worn down brushes that cause motors to fail. 

Integrate Your Favorite Control Options  

How do you plan on managing your shades? Get control from a dedicated touchpad, smart device, remote, keypad, or even your favorite voice assistant. Shades also integrate seamlessly with the rest of your Crestron system so you can access your entertainment, shades, climate, lighting, and more all from the same interface.  


If you are interested in bringing automated shades into your home or want to learn more about their unique features, you can call us at (888) 217-9488 or fill out our online contact form.  

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