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Here’s How Bowers & Wilkins Transforms Your Home with Sound

Any upgrade to your home should be an educated decision approached with the right knowledge — whether that comes from your own personal research or exclusively from advice by smart technology dealers. As such, when incorporating high-end audio into your Richmond, VA home, it’s important to have a solid understanding of what exactly it means for a speaker to be considered high-end and what it can do.

In this blog, we’ll provide a basic guide to the technology behind high-end audio and speakers — showing you what makes the difference between a basic product and a high-quality solution that works for your home. Just read on to see what’s possible when you have the right audio solution.

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High-End Audio: Speaker Basics

Speakers designed to deliver high-end audio use lightweight material that is sturdy enough to prevent the distortion that may otherwise occur. They also use the right enclosure with a shape and layout that prevent reverberation.

The wiring within the speaker contributes to the end sound quality as well. Crossover circuits direct the proper components to do what is needed — like carrying bass tones (low-frequency) or treble tones (high-frequency).

So, the difference in high-end audio speakers comes from both the product design and the components within that design. The careful engineering and architecture of the speaker allow it to deliver optimal sound performance, and you can hear the difference.

Bowers & Wilkins: High-End Solutions

So now that you know what goes into the design for a high-end speaker, what do you do with that information? There are a lot of reputable brands that offer audio solutions, but one of our brand partners, Bowers & Wilkins, offers speaker designs that deliver unique solutions to transform any home into a space for top-tier listening.

Their in-wall and in-ceiling speaker options both look and sound elegant. They allow your music to follow you throughout your home while saving space. And, you won’t need to worry about bulky sound equipment clashing with your home’s aesthetic.

These speakers don’t sacrifice quality; they still incorporate the intentional and technical design to deliver the best sound, but they are settled within the walls or ceiling so that they sit flush with the surrounding material. This means that they remain hidden so that your focus can be on the sound or screen if you’re watching a movie.

Ready to transform the way you experience audio in your home? Reach out to us online or give us a call at (804) 217-8970.

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