Why You Should Care About Energy Arbitrage

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Home Backup Power Does More than Keep the Lights On

When you consider adding a home backup power system to your Naples, Fl property, what is most important to you and your family? Much of the messaging you might receive is focused on keeping the lights on when the grid goes down. In other words, when your electricity goes out, you can count on a backup battery to keep your systems running.

But backup power is more than just a second line of defense. Your system can work actively to help you lower your costs and reduce your reliance on dirty energy. If you’re curious about energy arbitrage and how you can benefit, keep reading.

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What Is “Dirty Power?”

You may think that all power is the same, but that’s not the case. When a power supply features abnormalities — low power factor, voltage variations, frequency variations, and surges — it’s termed as ‘dirty’.

Dirty power can cause malfunctions and system failures. That means you can’t rely on your electronic devices throughout the day and night.

There are plenty of causes of dirty power. For instance, older infrastructure could impact the quality of the energy you get from the power company. However, most companies keep their systems and equipment up to date, so that’s rarely the case.

Instead, most dirty power is caused by upstream systems, also known as ‘other users’. In other words, the more people in your area that are using power can affect the quality of the energy you receive. This is particularly the case during peak hours; the times when the highest number of users are using the most power.

Consider this: as the weather begins to heat up and the humidity begins to rise, there’s more demand placed on air conditioner units and other comfort technology around southwest Florida. That could result in higher outage rates throughout your community.

The Solution: Energy Arbitrage

A common misconception about backup power systems is that they’re primarily used to keep your systems running if the grid goes down. That’s true — they can do that. But they’re not just in-case-of-emergency systems. They’re an active part of your everyday life and usage.

One of the most significant benefits of modern lithium-ion battery systems is energy arbitrage. They store energy during off-peak hours to take you off the grid during peak hours. That way, you can ensure your system receives clean energy throughout the day and night.

When you arbitrate your usage, you also take much of the demand off of the local power supply company, so there’s less risk of dirty energy for your entire area. That will help you reduce your overall environmental impact while still enjoying the comforts of your smart home system.

Want to learn more about energy arbitrage and more benefits of a backup power system? Click the button at the bottom of your screen to chat with a live representative right now!

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