3 Essential Benefits of Home Lighting Control

Save energy, enhance beauty, and more with a smart lighting system

Lighting is critical to your lifestyle. When you wake up, and when you go to bed, you do it under the glow of artificial fixtures. And because it’s such an essential part of your daily routine, your home lighting control system needs to be efficient, effective, and easy-to-use. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the key benefits of adding smart control to your lighting. Want to learn more about how smart lighting can improve your Richmond, VA property? Keep reading.

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Save Energy

Your lighting system is among the most frequently used technology in your home. And that means it consumes a whole lot of energy. Factors like LED fixtures and low-voltage wiring can have an impact on how efficiently your system illuminates your space, but you can save even more with smart lighting control.

Rather than a switch or a dimmer, a smart lighting control system integrates your entire infrastructure to give you complete command over the brightness, intensity, and energy savings of your system. Software can inform you about lights left on in unoccupied rooms, sensors can automatically turn them off, and you can enjoy an overview of your entire home system at a glance.


Enhance Beauty

Smart lighting can also help you craft the look of your home. Adjust and arrange brightness of different zones to create a layered, multi-tonal look to your space. You can even adjust the color temperature to enhance the way the light interplays with your decor.

Color temperature refers to the intensity of the light’s heat. Higher temperatures look slightly bluish, and cooler temps appear golden. While the light from applicable LED fixtures will continue to look white no matter what the color temperature, the changes in intensity will subtly influence the way you see the colors of your space. That means you can get creative with the way your home looks during the day and at night.


Improving Wellness

Another benefit of adjustable color temperature is the potential to promote wellness throughout your home. As the sun moves across the sky, the light changes. The different intensities influence the way you feel throughout the day. In the morning and afternoon, you’re active, while at night, you’re ready for bed. A tunable lighting control system works on a similar principle.

Tunable systems automatically adjust the color temperature to reflect similar changes in sunlight throughout the day. The idea is that it will help you feel the right way at the appropriate moments. You can set your schedule and make manual adjustments with your controller, so the lighting in your home will enhance your lifestyle.

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