Centralized Control Streamlines Meeting Time

Enhance productivity with boardroom technology that’s efficient and easy to use

Meetings are an essential part of your workday, but they can also be a real drag. All the time you waste fiddling with inefficient boardroom technology leads to loss of attention and ineffective presentations. But there’s a simple solution. By combining control of multiple systems into a single, centralized solution, you can streamline your meetings and command the room. Ready to host impactful, meaningful meetings in your Charlottesville, VA business without distractions? Keep reading to learn more.

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Meetings Cost Money

Did you know that the average salary cost of a meeting is $338? And that’s just for your everyday workers. It doesn’t include high-powered leadership positions like CEOs and other senior executives. Don’t worry, that statistic shouldn’t alarm you, but it should prompt you to take care when it comes to your meeting time.

It behooves you to go into each meeting with a well-defined plan and not waste valuable time on setup. But the amount of technology in your conference room can make that challenging. It’s not just projectors, phones, and computers, either. Everything from the lights and shades to motorized lifts in the table can bog down and bloat your meetings.

But it’s easy to rectify. Centralize control of your conference environment with an automation solution. With a single touch, you can drop the motorized screen and projector from the ceiling and set it to the right input. Dim the lights. And even lower the shades.

That’s not all, either. A centralized console also works as a teleconferencing system, allowing you to communicate with colleagues anywhere in the world clearly and efficiently. Utilize traditional conference phone technology or modern video-calling apps like Skype or Slack. And do it all with the touch of a button.


Meetings Are Changing

Of course, as more and more businesses shift toward free-flowing collaboration and less structured office spaces, your boardroom technology needs to keep up. Rather than a traditional conference room, your business may sport multiple, small huddle rooms. Workers can gather there for informal meetings to help stimulate idea generation. But you need the right technology to do it.

Thankfully, the tech is getting smaller and more versatile. From an on-wall control panel, workers can adjust the systems with the room, so it delivers the performance they need. With one touch they can turn on a flat-panel video display, communicate remotely via mounted webcams, and more.

Plus, smart networking capabilities make it easy for each user to access your Wi-Fi and VPN wirelessly, so they can share information and collaborate efficiently.


Want to simplify meeting time and promote productivity during the workday? It all starts with the right technology.


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