Immerse Your Home Theater System in Sound with Dolby Atmos

A surround sound setup that sounds like a megaplex

When you consider adding a home theater system to your Naples, FL, property, you probably think a lot about the video display. Projectors are traditional, but some homeowners enjoy the benefits of a large-format, flat-panel 4K TV. Of course, finding the right display is the easy part. Ensuring you’re getting high-quality sound is another story. If you want to experience your movies the same way you would at the local megaplex, you’ll need an immersive audio system like Dolby Atmos. What’s Atmos, and how can you enjoy it in your home? Find out below.

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What Is Immersive Audio?

Immersive is a new audio format that adds a new dimension to surround sound — literally. Whereas a traditional surround configuration features a center channel (speaker) and side channels in front of and behind the listener, an immersive setup adds overhead units as well.

But an immersive format like Dolby Atmos doesn’t just mean more speakers for your theater system. It’s a whole new way of mixing and editing audio. Hollywood sound editors treat each piece of audio as an individual object and use advanced software to move the “sound objects” around the system naturally.

In other words, a helicopter that enters on the right side of the frame and travels across the screen will sound like it’s realistically moving across your theater. Or a car that zooms by the camera will sound like it’s moving past the viewer. And it’s not just limited to heavy machinery; every sound will appear more natural and realistic.

To achieve that goal, an Atmos configuration features speakers in front of, behind, and above the listener. The setup creates a sphere of sound around the listener, completely immersing them in audio. The beauty of the design is that a configuration as small as 5.1.2 (five surround channels, one sub, and two overhead units) can sound as good as a system with more than 60 channels.


Experience Immersive in Your Home

Ready to experience the Dolby Atmos difference in your home theater system? At Stereo Types, we design custom solutions for your specific needs. An Atmos configuration depends on factors like room shape, acoustics, and specialized calibration to deliver the best-possible sound quality. We’re experts in installing systems that offer precisely what you want to hear.

And Atmos isn’t just for movies. You can also take your music to new heights with a completely immersive system.


If you’re looking to enhance your home theater listening experience, click here or give us a call at (239) 438-4500.

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