It’s Easy to Save Energy with a Control4 System

Manage your system and receive alerts on a single, easy-to-use interface

If you’re in the market to lower your monthly energy bill, one of the best ways is with smart home automation. By using a combination of timers, sensors, and intuitive controls, you can easily adjust your home’s systems like lighting and HVAC to run at optimal levels while saving you energy. Thanks to integration with ecoLinx and easily customizable options, a Control4 system simplifies your energy management. Ready to find out how? Keep reading.

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Intuitive Interface

The new Control4 OS3 allows you to see and adjust your entire system from a single screen. With just a glance, you can see whether lights were left on, or turn off the fan in an unused room. Command all your technology with a single tap, and receive alerts or updates from devices that aren’t being used optimally.

The upgraded icons make it easy to find the controls you’re looking for. Build a system that makes sense to you and enjoy a variety of control options on your smartphone or tablet.


When/Then Customization

With When/Then, you can customize your system controls to respond automatically. When you lock the doors at night, then the outside lights also dim. You can create any combination to save your system energy and lower your monthly bill.

When/Then is Control4’s innovative way to put the power of smart automation in the palm of your hand — or, instead, on your computer screen. From an easy-to-use menu, you can create the perfect scenarios for your system with just a few clicks.


ecoLinx Integration

Among the best ways to reduce your energy costs is with energy automation. And now, Control4 works with ecoLinx — the newest backup battery by sonnen. With intuitive automation, you can stay off-grid during peak hours and avoid using “dirty power” that comes from less environmentally-friendly fuels.

Control4 works with ecoLinx and Lumin to store excess solar energy and automatically uses it when it’s most advantageous to your system. You’ll never go without power, and you’ll inch closer to net-neutral consumption. Your bill will be lower, and you can enjoy the benefits of a greener lifestyle.


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