Sonnen ecoLinx Now Integrates with Savant

The smart home backup power system also sports enhanced integration with Control4

CEDIA 2019 is behind us now, and there’s plenty to get excited about. Not least of all is sonnen and their smart home backup power system ecoLinx. If you’ve been following our blog, you know ecoLinx is the next generation of backup power. It’s capable of automatically arbitrating energy, reducing dependence on dirty power, and minimizing your home’s impact on the Richmond, VA grid. And now, sonnen integrates with popular smart home systems like Savant, and boasts expanded integration with Control4. Ready to find out what that means for you? Keep reading.

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Sonnen and Savant Aim for Net-positive Energy

There’s a reason Savant is one of the biggest manufacturers of smart home technology in the country. Fans of the integration platform love the user-friendly interface that allows them to control multiple devices with a single touch. Now, they can use the same convenient system to help go green by integrating with Sonnen ecoLinx. According to the press release:

“This new ultimate smart home offering leverages Savant’s home automation and control platform (along with its award-winning user interface, the Savant Pro App), Racepoint Energy’s Dynamic Load Management (DLM) and Breaker-Companion Module technology and sonnen’s innovative ecoLinx intelligent energy storage system to facilitate a state-of-the-art clean energy management solution.”

The goal for both Savant and sonnen is simple: they want to help you achieve net-zero or net-positive energy usage. In other words, they want your home to run so efficiently it costs nothing to operate. With so many electronic devices in your home, how can you argue with that?

Of course, we’re probably a few years away from that goal. But sonnen’s energy automation achievement is nothing to scoff at. And it could be revolutionizing your home usage sooner than you think.

Sonnen and Control4 Work Together for Clean Energy

Another exciting announcement at the CEDIA booth this year is sonnen’s collaboration with Control4 and Lumin — a grid edge technology company — to store excess solar energy for use during off-peak hours. When it’s cloudy, rainy, or otherwise less sunny, you can count on your sonnen and Control4 systems to utilize backup solar power automatically.

The combination of sonnen, Lumin, and Control4 gives users real-time access to information. And Control4’s award-winning user interface makes it easy to understand the changes you should make to your system for maximum efficiency.

Ultimately, the system is designed to keep your home running when the local grid goes down. Thanks to enhanced integration with Control4, that’s easier than ever.


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