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Reap the Benefits of the Most Versatile Technology in Your Smart Home

The New Year brings with it a lot of big changes. New opportunities, adventures, and life events are just around the corner as 2019 progresses. But if you step outside to take in the brisk Richmond, VA air, you’ll notice it also brings a change in the weather. It’s really, really cold! That means you’ll spend a lot more time inside, cozying up with your family.

What it doesn’t mean is wasting a whole lot of energy on keeping your home warm. That is, not if you’re taking advantage of your automated shades. As some of the most versatile technology in your smart home system, your shades look beautiful, enhance security, and — of course — save you energy.

How can you maximize your energy savings this year? Don’t worry, it’s simple. Just keep reading below!

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Automate with Your Thermostat

Did you know that most of the heat in your home escapes through the windows? The thin pane of glass that stands between your home and the outside world also transfers the most heat.

That means it takes a lot longer to raise the temperature a cool room with unshaded windows. Thankfully, your home automation system makes it easy to regulate your home’s climate.

With one touch, lower all of the shades in your room, which will help minimize the change in temperature. That will help keep the heat in your room and make it easier for your thermostat to do its job.

And with a Control4 system, you can even automate the process yourself, thanks to their When/Then feature. As part of their latest software update, Control4 customers can now combine controls of their various systems themselves to simplify their lifestyles.

For instance, when your thermostat detects a lower-than-ideal temperature in your home, it instantly prompts your shades to lower, and even tell your lights to raise so you don’t lose visibility. That’s the power of true automation.

Consider Upgrading Your Shades

Here’s an experiment: place your hands between the window pane and the shade or curtain in your living room. You’ll likely notice how much cooler that space is than the rest of your room.

That space creates a small pocket of air that helps regulate your room’s temperature. Based on the opacity and density of the fabric, there may be more or less of a heat differential. In other words, thick drapes may block more heat transfer than sunshades.

But dramatic drapes aren’t right for every room. So, how do you save space, minimize the impact on your interior design, and still benefit from the energy-saving experience?

Honeycomb shades are the perfect solution. These window treatments feature built-in pockets (that look similar to honeycombs in profile view) to capture the cool air and block the heat from leaving the room. Installing these shades will offer a remarkable change to your monthly energy bill.

How else will your automated shades benefit your property? Find out by clicking here or by tapping the chat box at the bottom of your screen and asking one of our experienced representatives right now.


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