Stay Connected On Board With A Yacht Wi-Fi System

Reliable Connections Across the Water and Around the World

What would the world do without Wi-Fi? Not long ago, we seemed to manage with hardwired computer connections. Now, everything has changed – and for the better. Wi-Fi is integral to smart home technology, and it also plays an essential role in onboard marine automation and external communications. Have you upgraded your vessel in Miami, FL, with a robust yacht Wi-Fi system?

Whether you need a local network for your smart technologies, such as lighting and AV, or you want to connect to the internet from miles offshore, you need a system that is reliable and robust. Read more to see how a yacht Wi-Fi network can improve the enjoyment you have out on the water.

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Satellite Connection: A Strong Signal Wherever You Go

Chances are likely you’re not a seasoned ship’s captain. If you were, you could probably navigate the sea without worrying about Wi-Fi. Even then, there are many benefits that Wi-Fi provides. For a leisure sailor like yourself, a yacht Wi-Fi network lets you enjoy creature comforts like social media, internet browsing, streaming music and movie watching. Most importantly, Wi-Fi allows you to connect to a host of apps that ensure the safety of your vessel – apps like navigation, radar, and weather reports.

The ideal way to get connected is with a satellite system from KDH or Intellian. That way, you can go anywhere in the open waters and have a clear signal. When your yacht goes out of range from a land-based cell tower or hotspot, it’s not a problem. You’ll still be able to access the internet, make phone calls, text, and operate your internet-based apps and systems. A satellite system is the ultimate way to have a clear and consistent signal while boating.

Wi-Fi Infrastructure for Coastal Cruising

Aside from relying on satellite as opposed to more traditional services, there are a few more unique differences when it comes to setting up your Wi-Fi. For one, you want to use mobile routers with SIM cards. Instead of being limited to internet service based on your physical location, these routers let you take your private internet connection on the go. We use Pepwave routers with SIM slots that offer industrial-grade connectivity.

In a larger yacht, you may also need to find ways to expand the Wi-Fi signal from your router. In those cases, we recommend integrating access points that strengthen that signal to every corner of your yacht. Companies like Luxul and Access Networks offer outdoor access points ideal for getting strong, even coverage on your deck.

Remote Support for Your Yacht Wi-Fi Network

If your yacht has several smart technology systems, your local Wi-Fi network ensures everything operates flawlessly. But as with any technology, there may be unexpected issues down the line. That’s why we work with companies like Intellian and Ubiquity that offer remote management services.

When you’re out on the water, it can be extremely difficult to have an on-site technician resolve networking issues. That’s why you should integrate 24/7 remote monitoring services that can identify and resolve issues before you even notice them. This means less significant downtime that not only affects your comfort but safety as well.

Improve your connection by upgrading the Wi-Fi on your vessel. Call us at (888) 217-9488 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We proudly serve customers throughout the East Coast, from New York to Florida.

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