Set Sail with a Robust, Customized Yacht AV System

Make Waves by Including Audio and Video in Your Next Boating Adventure

Your life is all about luxury. So, why should your boating experience be any different? Adding style, comfort, and automation to your yacht is not only important for entertaining friends and family but also for business partners and clients. Make waves while creating a memorable experience by installing a state-of-the-art and customized yacht AV system.

As a trusted automation company, Stereo Types is fully equipped to make your boating automation and AV dreams a reality. We serve clients in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and throughout the entire East Coast of the United States. Read our blog to see how a high-end audio and video system on your yacht makes boating even more enjoyable.

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Why a Good Yacht AV System Matters

Yachting is all about memorable experiences. It’s not only a great escape but a way of life that is a part of who you are. While you’re out on the open water enjoying the sea breeze, spending time with friends, or taking time to be alone, it’s important have a perfect experience. There is no better way to set the mood for any occasion than playing the right music or watching your favorite movies.

Think about it. It’s the ideal combination of nature and technology – feeling the gentle roll of the waves while exciting your senses with the music and movies you love. Stereo Types helps you find the perfect balance of performance, reliability, and ease of use when selecting a boat AV system. Whether you want architectural speakers inside your yacht or marine speakers from makers like JL Audio for exposed locations, we’ll help you determine the right product to deliver the sound and experience you want.

Robust and Reliable Audio & Video Systems

Most movies and music are streamed wirelessly. So, what good is an AV system on your yacht if your network connection drops out? Your entertainment will be dead in the water. That’s why it’s essential to have a strong and reliable network connection. It provides a level of comfort and luxury that you and your guests will certainly appreciate. As an AV and automation company, Stereo Types makes sure you can enjoy your music and videos no matter where you are on the water.

We’ll add 4K TVs from Seura with surround sound to every cabin and every level if you’d like. You can stay connected to the music and movies you love with Kaleidescape, a robust audio and video server. Now, you can watch a movie or sports game by the bar. Maybe you want to have a dance party on the upper deck. Where you put the TVs and speakers is all up to you. When things begin to wind down for the evening, enjoy the night sky while listening to some relaxing music and having a nightcap.

Complete and Smart Automation

When everything is integrated with a Control4 or Crestron automation system, you have complete command of the audio and video on your yacht, as well as the lighting, AC and heat, security cameras, and all the other powered conveniences. Control your technology with a tablet, touch panel, or your smartphone. It’s a seamless and sophisticated way to take control of your yacht and reignite your love of boating.

Improve the sights and sounds on your yacht with a robust AV system. Call Stereo Types at (888) 217-9488 or fill out our online contact form to get started.


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