Take the Sound Outside with Outdoor Speakers It’s Time to Upgrade Your Whole House Audio System

Winter in Florida doesn’t exactly mean snow, does it? Fortunately, the weather makes for an excellent climate to host outdoor gatherings or even just to spend some alone time outside to relax.


You can incorporate outdoor speakers into your Ft. Myers, FL home with whole house audio to enjoy your music whether you’re inside or outside.


Here are a few of the beneficial features of outdoor audio and why they matter in your home.


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You may wonder how your outdoor speakers will hold up in the rain or extreme heat. Fortunately, we use Sonance and Coastal Source products. Coastal Source designs their products specifically for outdoor use, and Sonance designs particular weather-resistant speakers, so we trust them both as brands that don’t sacrifice quality.


These weather-resistant speakers are built with rust-proof metal and a sealed enclosure to house precious speaker components so that water is not let in.


We install the wires underground with special connectors as to prevent water from seeping into the product. The technology we incorporate into your whole house audio system is top of the line and installed by our professional team to ensure that the process is flawless.


Customizable Design


Want to hide your components? Incorporate rock speakers into your landscape. No, those aren’t speakers just for rock music; they’re speakers that both Sonance and Coastal Source carry that look like rocks and blend in naturally with your outdoor area.


The rock speakers are a good solution if you don’t want your set of speakers to stand out.


In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are also good stylistic choices.


We can install the speakers into your patio boundaries, saving you space and the hassle of deciding on a speaker design that you like. Sound will navigate the space with ease, filling your outdoor space with the music you enjoy.


Seamless Integration


Once installed, what will your outdoor audio system play?


Connect your speakers to the rest of your audio system and access your music library or stream from services like Spotify or Pandora. Link up your system to respond to your smart-device (such as a tablet or iPhone) and control the music from there.


Connecting your devices means that you don’t have to take all your technology outside; smart integration allows you to manage the system from wherever you please while the music plays flawlessly outside.


We will work closely with you to determine the best whole house audio solution for your needs and preferences.



Are you ready to install outdoor speakers into your whole house audio system? Reach out to us here or give us a call at (239)438-4500.

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