Ultrasonic Antifouling, the Ocean-Friendly Way to Protect Your Yacht

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Learn all about an eco-friendly way to protect your yacht from barnacles and algae!

Life is a much more luxurious and enjoyable experience on board a yacht. Whether you are sailing in a 28’ Cruiser or a 90m Super Yacht, spending time at sea lets you enjoy the sunshine, breathe that delightful ocean breeze, and completely disconnect from the worries of everyday life. However, to enjoy all of this, you need to keep your yacht’s maintenance up to date.

Are you tired of the time-consuming and expensive process of scraping off barnacles and algae from your yacht? Then ultrasonic antifouling is the way to go! Keep reading our blog to learn how we can reduce your hull maintenance by fifty percent without introducing toxins in the waters of Ft Lauderdale, FL, and the East Coast.

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Understanding Biofouling: What’s the Issue with It?

The ocean is alive with fascinating creatures, and many of them like clinging to your yacht as much as you enjoy spending time on it. Unfortunately, marine biofouling begins to adhere to the submerged portion of your vessel when it makes contact with the water. Over time, the accumulation of fouling increases your yacht’s drag, causing physical resistance as you cruise the waters, resulting in more fuel consumption. In addition, biofouling attached to your ship for too long can severely damage your vessel’s hull.

Ultrasonic Antifouling: The Answer to Your Fouling Problems

Ultrasonic antifouling is a groundbreaking method to prevent biofouling from attaching to your ship without putting any toxins into the ocean. This method works best if you pair it up with conventional yacht painting, as it is always much more efficient to work on a clean surface.

Ultrasonic antifouling works on its own, just like your regular yacht automation system. It emits low-powered soundwaves from a digital control installed inside the hull. Although these soundwaves are imperceptible to humans, they create movement in the water, resulting in a pressure differential. In this environment, unwanted microorganisms such as barnacles, algae, and mollusks have a very hard time adhering. 

Another great benefit of this method is that, depending on your ship, the system can be installed in just a day and without ever taking your yacht out of the water. 

At StereoTypes, we are excited to help you live a life of luxury and comfort with our high-tech solutions. Are you ready to incorporate the right technology to elevate your yachting experience? Reach out to us by calling (888) 217-9488 or filling out our contact form to learn more.

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