What Should You Include in Your Yacht Automation System?

Make Upgrades Now So You’re Ready to Set Sail This Summer

While the Florida heat takes a short break and “winter” settles in, now is the best time to make upgrades to your Boca Raton, FL yacht. One of the best ways to make your yacht more convenient and enjoyable is by bringing the latest smart technology on board.

Our team of experts at StereoTypes has been delivering world-class, easy-to-use sound, video, Wi-Fi systems, and touch-screen controls on yachts since 1976. Keep reading to find out what we recommend you include in your yacht automation system.

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Smart Security System

One of the most important aspects of yacht automation is smart security. Did you know that you can set security programs to turn on automatically as soon as you dock your yacht or when the key is removed from the ignition? You can even include door locks in your system and set them to lock when the yacht is left at the dock.

Installing the latest smart security technology ensures your yacht’s safety and security so that you can have total peace of mind knowing that you can check in on your property right from your smartphone device.

Audio and Video Systems

You want to be able to entertain guests—and even yourself—when you take your yacht out on the beautiful waters. We recommend a high-quality audio video system. Finding the right balance of performance, reliability, and ease of use is no easy task.

At StereoTypes, we make it easy by leaning on our years of field experience to recommend the best technology for your yacht and personal needs. Our team has been engineering and deploying highly-reliable systems that have a factory-installed look for more than three decades.

Barnacle and Algae Prevention

Okay, you probably weren’t expecting barnacle and algae prevention to be on our list. However, we know how expensive it is to maintain your yacht and remove algae and barnacle properly. What if we told you that you could reduce your hull maintenance by 50 to 70%?

Our electro-sonic solution energizes the hull of your yacht with a sound wave that is reviled by algae and barnacles—all without introducing toxins into the water! Our system reduces hull maintenance by 50 to 70% for most yachts.

If you’re ready to bring the transformative power of an automation system to your yacht, we’re prepared to help. We offer yacht automation services across the East Coast, from New York to Florida. Contact us by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to serving you!

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