Building A Premier Outdoor A/V System with Seura TVs

Seura delivers exceptional performance with complete protection from the elements

It’s March, and that means it’s just about time to dust off the grill, clean off your patio, and start enjoying your outdoor spaces again. From backyard barbecues to outdoor parties with friends and family, spring and summer offer many opportunities to have fun outside.

One way to have more fun is with a state-of-the-art outdoor TV. You can’t just bring your favorite display outside and run an extension cord, however; there are different considerations at play when it comes to outdoor TVs, from glare to withstanding extreme heat, water, dust, and more. That’s why we recommend Seura for our clients’ outdoor A/V needs, and today we’ll walk you through what makes Seura the perfect outdoor TV choice for Virginia residents in the Charlottesville area or anywhere else along the East Coast.

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As we mentioned above, one important consideration when buying a TV for outdoor use is how well it can withstand unpredictable weather. With Seura, you don’t need to worry about any damage to your TV from the elements, as they’ve taken great pains to make their displays fully weatherproof.

Seura’s Ultra Bright TVs can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 140° F, so they’ll work in the worst winter storms as well as blazing summer heatwaves. Seura TVs are also well insulated from rain, snow and other precipitation. They have a waterproof rating of IP54, which means their TVs meet strict international standards indicating they are “protected from immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth, limited ingress protection”.

If you want even more protection, you can purchase a vinyl shell to cover your TV. If the worst comes to pass and your TV breaks, you get a 2-year limited warranty with Seura.


Glare can be a significant detriment even on indoor TVs, doubly so with outdoor displays. With this in mind, Seura’s Ultra Bright TVs live up to their name and are extra bright to counteract glare to produce a crystal-clear image. Ultra Bright TVs have a brightness rating of 1,000 Nits, making them 55 percent brighter than prior Seura products and 33 percent brighter than comparable TVs.

Brightness isn’t everything when it comes to image quality, of course. But not to worry; Seura’s Ultra Bright TVs are 4K UHD capable and boast and HDR technology, giving you crisp images in lifelike color. Seura’s patent-pending Adaptive Picture Technology boosts the image quality even further by altering different settings throughout the day for optimal brightness and contrast.


The way to make the most out of your smart home technology is to make sure everything is integrated into one comprehensive system. Seura’s Ultra Bright TVs make integration simple with their wide array of input ports. Those connections include a LAN port; three HDMI ports; the industry’s first IP control port; optical and component audio ports; and an infrared port. All of these connections ensure you can link your Seura TV to any other automation system in your home.


To get the most out of an outdoor A/V system, you want to get started as soon as possible. Call us today at (434) 973-8820 to schedule an appointment. You can also reach out to us online or talk to a customer service associated using the chatbox below.

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