Create the Optimum Lighting and Environment with Crestron

Enjoy seamless control of your home with Crestron

There have been recent innovations in lighting and home environment control systems that can produce customized lighting and climate control options to suit your Charlottesville, VA home. Crestron is a company that has been in the home automation business for five decades, and it is producing sophisticated solutions to create the ultimate modern household.

As a Crestron dealer, StereoTypes determines the best-suited products and features for our clients by evaluating their needs. Keep reading to learn about the features Crestron has to offer and how they can take your home to the next level in terms of comfort and creating a personalized experience.

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Climate Control

Crestron provides Horizon thermostats that feature a touch screen display that can be used to regulate the internal climate of your home. The stylish thermostat links with the Crestron app and uses sensors to make it easy to adjust the temperature and humidity in every room of your house. The system can also be configured to incorporate timers to increase or decrease temperatures at specific times of the day. With this system, you can also schedule climate events that include setting specific temperatures and humidity levels for the same time during different days of the week to maintain a stable indoor climate.

Custom Lighting Control

Crestron offers lighting control systems that align with industry standards to produce an efficient lighting system. The system incorporates sensors, keypads, and touchpads that are linked through a network to provide the ideal lighting for your home. Lighting can be controlled from a panel that can be used to alter the light intensity and color temperature with the touch of a “Quick Actions” button that can produce pre-set scenes.  

Sensor Activated Lighting

Crestron’s sophisticated lighting system incorporates sensor technology to maintain the optimum light and temperature levels in your home. The system also incorporates motion sensors that can be used as a security measure or to save energy by automatically turning off lights in unused rooms.

At StereoTypes, we work with all top smart home automation systems, ensuring our clients the best solution for their unique needs. Because of our vast experience as integrators and programmers, we can develop a scalable system that can continue to expand as technology advances and your family’s needs change.

To learn more about what Crestron technology can do for your home or for a complimentary consultation, call StereoTypes today.

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