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From Buttons to Voice, Control4 Has You Covered

When writing a grocery list, do you use a notepad or reach for your smartphone? Do you use sticky notes for reminders all over your house, or are they all in your favorite reminder app? Do you use an old-school alarm clock or a smart speaker by your bedside? Are you analog or digital?

It doesn’t matter if you prefer new digital technology and apps over pen and paper and single-purpose devices. The point is, people have different preferences for different tasks. And we’re all a little analog and a little digital – we tend to reach for the quickest tool that will do the job when we need one.  

When it comes to home automation, you want more than one way to do things. Touchscreen apps are wonderful, but sometimes you just want to press a button because, well, it’s easier. If you want a home automation solution for your Naples, FL home that doesn’t limit you, seek out a Control4 dealer like StereoTypes. Control4 is like Sinatra – it lets you do it your way. Find out how below.

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Real Buttons

If you like the tactile feel of actual buttons, you might prefer to control your audio-video equipment and lighting with good old-fashioned buttons. Control4 gives you many options for buttons, but they’re anything but old-fashioned.

With Control4 wall-mounted keypads and lighting control, you can set all the lights in your house to your “entertaining” scene with only one button. No need to go around and carefully dim lights everywhere just so. And since Control4 is a comprehensive smart home control platform, those buttons work for more than lights. Want to start some music with that entertaining scene? You can add a favorite playlist. Want to lower your motorized shades and set the temperature to 73 degrees? Just press a button.

For AV control, traditional buttons have always worked well because you can use common ones like volume control and directional keys without having to look. Control4’s Neeo remote marries the best features of traditional remotes with the power of Control4 automation. You get tactile buttons for volume and other oft-used keys, but you get the visual ease of an embedded touchscreen to access media selection, lighting, and other automation functions. It’s the best of both worlds.

Virtual Buttons

If you love using the touchscreen on your smartphone or tablet to control things, Control4 has you covered there too. The Control4 Touch Screen has a high-resolution screen and also comes equipped with two-way audio and video capability. It is wall-mountable or can sit on a counter or furniture. The Touch Screen gives you full access to your personalized Control4 smart home and also allows you to do things like screen visitors at your door and use it as an intercom to Touch Screens in other rooms in your home. Finally, the Control4 app lets you access similar features from your smartphone, including remotely, so you can use your own device too.

No Buttons

When your hands are full, you may just want to use your voice to turn on lights or start playing music. While Control4 works well with popular systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, it also works with a voice assistant designed expressly for home automation – doesn’t tell jokes, remind you of things, or solve math problems. Optimized for home automation, it is extremely good at understanding what you want to do, intuitively understands context, and easily deals with compound commands like “turn on the lights and start Stranger Things on Netflix.” It’s voice control for your smart home, your way!

Ready to upgrade the intelligence in your smart home?  We are a Control4 dealer serving the East Coast from New York to Florida with a broad range of home technology solutions. Call us today at (888) 217-9488, reach out via our contact page, or connect quickly with one of our experts using the chatbox on this page. We look forward to working with you.

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