How Conference Room AV Can Make or Break Your Business Relationships

Get the Most out of Your Boardroom and Your Meetings

The working world is increasingly distributed. Your employees don’t have to work from your Richmond, VA office — they can be located anywhere in the world. And it’s not just your remote employees; it’s likely you’re building entire business relationships with clients and trade partners without ever being in the same room. That’s why conference room AV is so crucial to your company. In this blog, we’ll explore some surprising facts about video conferencing that you need to know. Find out more here.

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 Working Remotely

It’s no secret, workers are staying home. That’s not because they’re being any less productive — the internet makes it possible to work from anywhere. But with the dispersed workforce comes an unexpected hiccup: workers are lonelier than ever.

An often-overlooked aspect of the time spent at the office is social interaction, which can be sorely missed by workers left at home all day. Video conferencing is an essential tool business can use to maintain their team morale and decrease turnover.

In fact, clear, HD video is one of the most helpful ways to increase productivity. According to a survey by a popular conferencing software company, 75% of remote workers said they were more productive when they were able to see and hear their coworkers over video. Generating a comfortable, collaborative environment is essential to building your business. It all starts with the right technology.


A Shift in Need

Of course, it’s impossible to talk about video conferencing without discussing the shift in the industry. Users are moving away from the large, bulky systems of yesteryear and relying on apps like Slack and Skype to do business.

That may lead some business owners to believe a technology installation is unnecessary. Actually, the opposite is true. With the increased demand for recurring revenue services and cloud-based storage solutions, technology consolidation is an essential factor. Additionally, building a business that can support your company’s connectivity will set you apart from the competition.

Crestron offers several conferencing solutions that combine multiple technologies into a single system. For instance, their Mercury system allows you to connect to the apps you want, enjoy clear audio with a built-in phone, and command the space with your integrated technology solutions.

But even before you install Crestron Mercury, consider upgrading your network. A strong network offers easy access to the internet, protects from security threats, and can keep your business running throughout the day.


Now is a great time to get started on building a better AV system for your business. Want to learn more about video conferencing solutions? Click here.

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