How to Upgrade the Technologies at Your Business

Discover Endless Possibilities by Relying on a Trusted Crestron Dealer in Richmond, VA


Don’t let computer glitches, poor lighting, or bad audio-visual presentations derail your next meeting. Instead, take your staff, B2B, and B2C meetings to the next level with help from a trusted Crestron dealer in Richmond, VA. Whether you want a better AV system for your boardroom, 4K TVs in your restaurant, or smart lighting for your commercial space, Stereo Types can connect you with the most innovative technologies to heighten the experience of your guests, clients, and staff.

Products by Crestron are the best of the best. Their speakers, phones, projectors, TVs, lights, and motorized shades are all integrated seamlessly under one system. Whatever you need, Crestron products create an unparalleled experience that makes your business stand out. No matter the industry you are in, they engineer high-tech products for every market. Read more to see why Crestron is the right choice for your business technology needs.

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Make Your Business Smarter

How would you like to have a smart office? Let’s start in the conference room. The Crestron Mercury® lets you have complete control over every aspect of a meeting – from conference calls and screen sharing to Bluetooth® pairing and audio-visual controls. It even includes enterprise provisioning and management as well as built-in occupancy sensors. Although the technology is advanced, the controls are easy to use. When you’re ready for the meeting, it’s all right in front of you. Just push a button to get started and adjust when the need arises.

Perhaps your meetings are a collaborative affair. No problem. Crestron features an amazing product called the AirBoard™. It is a computer/whiteboard interface that can be seen by anyone in the room and remotely. Use it for employee collaboration meetings, trainings, and professional presentations. Easy to use and featuring the highest quality displays, AirBoard™ does wonders to improve business efficiency.


The Sights and Sounds of a Booming Business

Do you manage a restaurant, hotel, or retail store? Stimulate the senses with crisp audio, smart lighting, and high-definition TVs. Even though you generate revenue by serving delicious food, comfortable and clean rooms, or high-quality products, it’s the presentation that matters. When you create an atmosphere that people love, your profits will soar.

Crestron is an innovator when it comes to audio, visual, lighting, and automation products. They offer smart solutions for corporate, government, hospitality, and educational clients. Best of all, Crestron is a scalable solution for any business. Over time, as you grow, you can continue to add to your existing system, improving the appeal and value of your business.

Want to learn more about Crestron and how Stereo Types can help you take advantage of their innovative products? Schedule an appointment with Stereo Types by calling (888-217-9488) or completing our online contact form. We proudly serve clients from New York to Florida.


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