Immerse Yourself in Music with an Outdoor Sound System

What You Need to Achieve Amazing Audio in Your Backyard

Transform your pool deck, porch, or backyard into the entertainment hub of your home. Even though you may enjoy many aspects of your home in Richmond, VA, you may be forgetting about your outdoor space. Think about the square footage of fun you’re missing! By upgrading it with an outdoor sound system, you effectively expand your home’s living area and create an atmosphere that your friends and family will love.

By installing landscape speakers, hanging speakers, subwoofers, and wall speakers, you enhance the fun to every corner of your yard. Discover how an outdoor audio system can add more luxury, enjoyment, and music to your life.

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Make Music a Part of Your Life

If you love music and entertainment, then why are you keeping it bottled up in your home? Let it out! Properly placed outdoor speakers make it possible for you to enjoy music wherever you go on your property. And we’re not talking about a few Bluetooth speakers or indoor speakers you’ve placed outside. An outdoor audio system creates a sound that’s all around you. From the pool deck and hot tub to the porch and gazebo, you experience the clear and rich sound of music with an evenly distributed audio system.

At the same time, landscape speakers are designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions – heat, cold, and moisture. Their rust-proof cabinets won’t break down due to outdoor conditions. In fact, they provide long-lasting and impressive performance for many, many years.

Hear the Music without Seeing the Technology

The music is great, but you’d rather not see the speakers and cords. That’s an easy fix. Most speakers can be hidden throughout your yard – in gardens, foliage, or even disguised as rocks. Every subwoofer, a speaker the provides the rich bass sounds, is buried in an underground compartment with the top exposed yet camouflaged. Now, your system will provide the stunning sound you want without being conspicuous, so you and your guests enjoy the music and your backyard.

Don’t Wake the Neighbors

If you’re planning a party outside, you won’t have to blast the music to enjoy amazing sound quality. An evenly distributed audio system creates a sound field that envelopes you – without disturbing your neighbors. However, achieving the perfect sound field is not for a do-it-yourselfer. For the project to be successful, you must take into account a variety of factors.

When an AV professional installs your outdoor speakers, they create an audio field that is directed back to your home. At the same time, because your speakers are properly positioned, they work with each other to minimize the volume outside your property. Your landscape speakers cover every inch of your backyard with evenly distributed audio – and slowly fades as you walk out of the sound field.

Integrate the System with Your Smart Home

Now that you have an incredible outdoor audio system and speakers, it’s time to integrate it with your smart home. Simply touch your Crestron tablet or smartphone to choose a song, adjust the volume, and make any changes to the speakers. Also, when your outdoor sound system is integrated with your whole-home audio system, then your guests can hear the same song wherever they go. Just think about the convenience and luxury – complete control of everything in the palm of your hand.

Are you ready to add more fun and music to your backyard? Call Stereo Types at (888) 217-9488 or fill out our online contact form to get started. We proudly serve clients throughout the East Coast from New York to Florida.

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