Smart Ways to Enjoy Multi-Room Audio

Experience more from your music distribution system

Few things are better than listening to your favorite songs. And there’s no better way to do it than by streaming them throughout your Richmond, VA property. As technology continues to develop, multi-room audio systems are continuing to change and improve so you can listen anywhere in your home and have the same experience. How can you bring whole home audio to your house? Find out here.

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Wireless Speakers

Not too long ago, many industry experts would balk at the idea of whole-home wireless streaming. The files were too big to sound good over wireless connections, and the speakers themselves couldn’t offer the playback quality that you’d enjoy from hardwired channels.

Today, though, things are changing. High-end manufacturers like Bowers and Wilkins have jumped into the wireless arena, and trusted leaders like Sonos continue to build their brands to accommodate discerning listeners.

B&W this year unveiled its Formation Suite of products. Ranging from bookshelf speakers to soundbars to a dedicated sub, Formation is an entirely wireless option that competes with many traditional hardwired units. The speakers have been hailed at numerous industry expositions throughout the year. And thanks to their combination of aesthetics and sound-quality, they’re a popular addition to any room for homeowners and interior designers alike.

Sonos has continued to expand its offerings, making moves into home theater and media room technology. But one of the most exciting devices they’ve released this year is Sonos Connect, an amplifier that turns any speakers into a wireless system.

In other words, if you’re in love with the speakers you already have, you don’t have to give them up to incorporate them with your whole-home distribution system. Connect allows you to integrate even high-end speakers into your system and control them through the Sonos app.

System Integration

Of course, a multi-room audio system is only as good as your control options. Whether you want to organize and optimize your collection with an independent system or you’d prefer total home integration, you can do it with the latest tech.

Roon is an independent music organization and playback system that’s intended to mimic the feeling of being at a record store, guided through by your favorite artists. The subscription-based service organizes your collection automatically and even chooses the best-quality version if you have multiples of the same track. It also pulls from the internet to fill in information and art about each song, so you get the total experience.

And if you’d prefer a system that works with your other home technology, Control4 OS 3 is the company’s latest and simplest entry point yet. Not only do you get the complete command of your entire home’s technology, but you’ll also get great features like the new Sessions tab and native Tidal Masters integration.


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