5 Ways Control4 Makes Your Life Easier and More Enjoyable

Discover the Benefits of a Premium Home Automation System

Smart technology was created to make life easier. That technology has extended toward homes, allowing homeowners to control things like their lights, shades, security, and entertainment with ease. But the heart of any smart home is the smart home automation system. Home automation platforms like Control4 bring unrivaled luxury and convenience to homes by integrating smart technology into one platform. Keep reading to learn more about Control4 and what it can bring to your home in Naples, FL.

1. Tunable Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial parts of a home. It can determine how a space feels and the mood of its residents. That’s why lighting should adjust as the day goes on. Bright whites can boost productivity, while a soft, yellow glow can improve restfulness. With lighting control, homeowners can adjust their lights to multiple shades of white and yellow and can automate them to change automatically throughout the day. Additionally, the lights can be adjusted to any color on the color wheel, making entertaining and nights-in more fun and festive.

2. Premium Security

Protecting your home and family is probably at the top of your priorities. That’s why Control4 has such comprehensive security solutions. Homeowners can use the Control Chime video doorbell to talk with people on their doorstep, receive alerts, and check security footage right from their phones. You’ll always be up-to-date on the status of your home, so you can rest assured everything, and everyone is safe.

3. Premium Entertainment

Entertainment is how you and your family can relax, and you deserve top-tier AV. Control4 has premium audio solutions for home theaters and multi-room music. Control4’s Triad line partnered with Dolby Atmos to bring superior sound into personal theaters for a viewing experience unlike any other. Control4 also delivers superior whole-home audio with keypads for easy audio and discreet high-fidelity speakers.

4. Voice Control

Sometimes your hands are full, or you can’t get to your phone or touchscreen dashboard. Being able to control your home with your voice is the height of luxury and convenience, so Control4 is compatible with voice assistants such as Josh.ai, Alexa, and Google Assistant to make controlling your home even easier. Just speak to your voice assistant, and it’ll communicate with Control4 to adjust your home however you need. 

5. Whole-Home Control

Smart home technology is meant to make home life easier, but having several separate apps and controllers is unwieldy. Control4 is compatible with smart home tech from most major brands and can integrate it all into one platform. That way, you can control your entire home from one dashboard or app. Plus, Control4 makes it easier than ever to automate your technology to your schedule, so you never have to lift a finger.Are you ready to install a home automation system in your Naples, FL, home? Contact StereoTypes today! We’ve helped many customers design the smart homes of their dreams and look forward to assisting you.

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