How a Home Theater Company Raises the Bar on Home Entertainment

Go from Simply Watching a Movie to Immersing Yourself in the Experience

Is watching a TV show or movie still a thrill for you? Or is it just something to do to pass the time? If you feel like your home entertainment experience has lost its luster, it’s because your old system (i.e., TV, audio, and lighting) can’t compete for your affections anymore. It’s no wonder you’re uninterested when your smartphone is probably more technologically advanced than your TV or audio system.

It’s time to update your technologies and your experience with a smart and stylish home theater. Complete with luxury seating, immersive sound, and outstandingly vivid displays – all integrated with your smart home system – your private cinema sets the stage for a remarkable experience. Read more to see how StereoTypes, a leading home theater company on Long Island, NY, can put home entertainment front and center again.

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Smart Lighting: Setting the Stage for Your Home Theater

Your lights deserve more attention than flipping them on and off. In addition to serving a specific function, they offer a lot more in the way of form. For instance, the hue and intensity of light affect the atmosphere of a room. What would it be like to step into a movie theater that was lit up by fluorescent lights? Unpleasant, right?! It would be better to have warm LED lights or ambient lighting to create the right ambiance.

The point is that different types of lights create the mood you want in a room. By installing elegant wall lights, tasteful recessed lighting, and mood-setting ambient lights in your private theater, you give your space personality.

Are you trying to achieve a classic theater look, or do you want to go modern? There are so many smart lighting products, controls, and designs to suit your preferences, so you never need to feel limited. Also, because your theater lighting is integrated with your smart home, you can adjust everything with your smartphone, tablet, or remote.

High-Resolution Displays: The Only Way to Watch Movies

Are you thinking about putting an HD television in your home theater? Before you purchase a “steal of a deal,” do some research. An HD TV will not provide the high-performance viewing you want. High-definition TVs have approximately 2 million pixels, but 4K TVs have 8 million. That’s a big difference, and you’ll notice it when watching movies, TV shows, or anything else in your home theater. Both 4K TVs and projectors provide unprecedented color and contrast just like you’d see in a commercial theater. You’ll enjoy fantastic image resolution for ultimate realism.

Immersive Surround Sound: Prepare to Be Blown Away

There is nothing quite like an encompassing sound system in your home theater. If you’ve been depending on your TV speakers, StereoTypes can do much better than that. By installing in-wall speakers, ceiling speakers, subwoofers, and premium audio equipment, you’ll amp up your listening experience dramatically. You’ll hear the full spectrum of frequencies – the way they’re meant to be heard.

Whether you’re listening to the heart-stirring melody of a movie’s theme song, the suspenseful drum of music in a scary movie, or the roar of the crowd while watching a live game, your surround-sound system will put you in the middle of it all. This is a movie watching and listening as you’ve never experienced before.

Comfortable Theater Seating: Relax and Enjoy the Show

You’ve installed smart lighting, a 4K TV or projector, and an outstanding sound system. But don’t stop there! Give yourself a comfortable place to recline while enjoying the entertainment. Some options include powered-reclining luxury seating with cupholders, embedded electronic controls, and USB charging ports, attached head pillow, and lumbar support. Choose the upholstery, color, and style to compliment your design preferences.

Theater seating, as well as carpeting, improves the appearance, comfort, and sound quality of your home theater. Most importantly, because the home theater technologies are connected with your home automation system, you’ll control everything with the touch of a button – the TV, projector, lighting, and audio.

Would you like to have a custom private theater in your home? Call StereoTypes at (239) 438-4500 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We proudly serve clients throughout the East Coast, from New York to Florida. We look forward to hearing from you.

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