Have a Happier Holiday Season with Smart Home Control

Simple ways to improve your holidays with a single, intuitive interface

Halloween has come and gone, and that means you probably experienced a lot of foot traffic in and around your Charlottesville, VA property. Nearly 41 million trick or treaters hit the streets across the country last year, and 2019 was no different. Thankfully, your smart home control system helped you stay safe and stylish with security and lighting features. But if you’re looking for a way to use your system throughout the holiday season, keep reading to find out how one touch can protect your property and look great while doing it.

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Single-Interface Security

Your home may have many excellent security features. From smart cameras to electronic locks, the technology works to keep you and your loved ones safe. But individual controls can quickly become a hassle, especially if you have to switch apps continually.

When you have a smart home control system, like one from Control4, you can easily access everything from a single, intuitive interface. When friends and family approach your door and ring the integrated video doorbell, pull up a feed and scope out them out from the couch. And if you need some extra time, let them know remotely.

A Control4 system puts all of your security controls into the same place, so it’s easy to make changes to your locks, cameras, alarms, and lighting. With a single touch on your smartphone or tablet, you can ensure a safe season.


One-Touch Lighting Style

Lighting is paramount for a secure home, but it’s also a cornerstone of design. You can transform your front yard into the jolliest destination in the whole neighborhood with a few swipes on your tablet or control device.

LED lighting fixtures do a lot for your home. They’re energy-efficient, easily integrated, and often biodegradable. And they also offer greater depth of control capabilities. LEDs can dim lower than incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, and they also provide a variety of color-changing options.

Select the perfect hue for your space and highlight the areas you want to show off most. Whether it’s a winter blue, Christmas red, or a combination of any colors, smart lighting control and LED fixtures can help you achieve your goal. Plus, when you’ve decided on the perfect look, you can save it and quickly return to it with the touch of a button.


Ready to use your smart home control system for a stylish and safe holiday season? It’s easy to get started.


Just click here or give us a call at (888) 217-9488 to learn more and find out how smart home technology can transform your holidays.

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