Take Control on the Waters with Boat Automation

Smart Automation Makes Boating Life Even More Luxurious

Everyone is talking about smart homes now. Whether it’s smart lighting, smart security, or smart entertainment systems, people appreciate high-tech products that add more comfort and convenience to their lives. But your Miami, FL home isn’t the only place where you can enjoy smart technology. Ride the technological wave of boat automation, and you’ll take your already-luxurious lifestyle to new levels. We offer luxury tech solutions for clients ranging the entire East Cost from New York to Florida.

Whenever you set sail in a smart boat, you’ll never be without the automation luxuries you have grown to love. From luxurious living to luxurious boating, does it get any better than that? Read more to learn how to bring smart living onto your boat.

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First, Let’s Get Connected

What’s the point of having a boat automation system when you have no Wi-Fi internet connection? If you’re away from land and cell towers, then your phone, internet, and streaming services are dead in the water. Fortunately, a satellite communication system always keeps you connected to the technology you enjoy. And don’t worry about bandwidth. You can have as much as you want – enough to stream TV shows and movies, listen to music, talk to friends on your phone, and browse the web without any problems.


It’s Time for Entertainment

Riding the waves is a thrill. So is watching the sunrise and sunset, skiing and tubing, and relaxing in your favorite spots on the water. But sometimes you want to retreat to enjoy a movie, listen to music, or dance on your deck. By installing an AV system and media server, you have complete access to your favorite movies, shows, and music. You’ll also be able to stream media because you have a robust satellite communication system. Best of all, with marine-grade speakers and audio equipment, you’ll have a hi-fi sound experience on the open waters.


Do you want to watch TV inside the boat or outside on the deck? Either choice is fine as long as you have the right TV. Outdoor marine TVs are built for boating – the sun, salt, and sea spray. Even while soaking up the sun’s rays, you’ll watch vivid TV displays that have amazing clarity. Select a movie with your remote, press play, and enjoy the show while riding the waves.


Automated Lighting Control on Your Boat

Before you board, tell your lights to turn on. With a smart lighting system, you get remote control of the boat’s interior and exterior lights. You can also automate exterior running lights, so your crew is able to move around safely. In the cabin, why not install LED tunable light? Choose the color and intensity, and you’ll create the atmosphere you want. Lighting control can also be integrated with motorized blinds. In fact, automated shades open and close based on natural light levels and your pre-programmed preferences.


Fully Integrated Smart Technology

Finally, everything comes together when your technologies are integrated with a smart system, such as Crestron, Control4, or Savant. By using a touchpad or your smartphone, you have complete control over the entertainment systems, lighting, shades, and any other connected device. Don’t forget to add a smart security system. It ensures your boat and your possessions are safe and secure 24 hours a day. Any problem, and you receive an automated alert so you can act fast.


Are you ready to take smart control of your boat? Call us today at (888) 217-9488 or visit our contact page to connect with one of our boat automation experts. We look forward to hearing from you!

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