Yacht Winterizing to Ensure a Successful Season

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Protect Your Investment and Make Sure This Yachting Season Is the Best One Yet

While winter in Florida requires far less preparation for yachters than those in the northern reaches, several maintenance steps remain to ensure a successful season. Cooler temperature, wet conditions, and lack of use can take their toll. Add in year-long seasons, which means exposure to year-round weather, and corrosion from saltwater is all too common. Should the rare freeze warning occur, you’ll want to be sure the engine is protected. 

Let’s explore the basics of yacht winterizing in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the surrounding areas, ensuring your yacht remains in the best condition possible now and long into the future.

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Fog the Engine & Inspect the Fuel System

If your yacht remains unused for six weeks or more, fogging the engine is important to prevent corrosion. This step involves spraying fogging oil into the carburetors right before the engine runs out of fuel. This oil acts as an anticorrosive, protecting the internal surfaces of the cylinders and carburetor. At the same time, consider having the fuel system and vent fittings inspected as well as the hoses and filters.

If you plan on going out on your yacht more frequently, it’s best to reduce possible corrosion by having someone start it up regularly during the offseason, in between your outings. 

Now’s the time to change the oil, keeping the engine in good condition and preventing corrosion while the yacht sits idle.

Prime the Hull

The winter months provide a great opportunity to prime the hull. If you’ve had someone scraping and applying antifouling paint to the hull to thwart off barnacles and other marine life that attach themselves, consider a better, less toxic method. Today’s electro-sonic solutions use sound waves that deter barnacles and algae.

This environmentally friendly alternative means less downtime and lower fuel consumption due to less drag. It’s also safe for other marine life as neither sea life nor humans can hear it. And it reduces hull maintenance by 50 percent.

Preparing for Storms

In preparation for storms, make sure the bilge pump and automatic switches operate at peak performance. Check batteries and charging systems to ensure these pumps have the necessary power. Check drains, screens, dock lines, fenders, and chafe gear.

Ensuring the Best Season Yet

Taking time to winterize or perform preventative maintenance during the offseason can ensure your yacht is ready when you head out to Bimini Island, Ambergris Caye, the Cayman Islands, or for destinations unknown. It’s about protecting the investment that brings you joy and long-lasting memories.

Now is also the time to consider enhancing that experience with high-tech, reliable entertainment incorporating world-class video, sound, and smart automation. Manage your yacht and all your entertainment devices right from your smartphone. At StereoTypes, we help yachters create the ultimate experiences through high-performance AV systems, smart technology that’s effortless to use, and sound frequencies to protect hulls. To learn more about caring for and upgrading your yacht or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact StereoTypes today.

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