The Future of Home Lighting Design

Check Out How Lighting Design Enhances Every Space In Your Smart Home

The home of your dreams in Charlottesville, VA, is closer than ever, and you’re ready to sit down with a designer to discuss the details of every room and outdoor space. You can already picture the master bedroom, its comfortable king-sized bed, and a flat screen TV on the wall. For the home theater, you imagine a motorized projector screen, plush seats, and a state-of-the-art surround sound system. 

Now stop dreaming for just a second, and think about home lighting design. Is it something you have already considered? If not, remember that a poorly lit bedroom, home theater, or outdoor area may not feel anything at all like you had imagined. 

At StereoTypes, we serve the East Coast from New York to Florida, offering our clients the latest in lighting design, control, and automation for their smart homes

Here is a brief review of key elements of an effective lighting design and why hiring a professional installer guarantees all of them will work as advertised!

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A Light for Every Space

Not every room is used for the same reason, so it makes sense that lighting design differs from one to another. Brands like Lutron, the global leader in lighting control systems, offer you the products and customization options you’ll need to enhance any room at home. 

For example, Lutron tunable lights in the bedroom can be set to temperatures ideal for improving your sleep cycle and healing processes. In a home theater, on the other hand, lights should be integrated with motorized shades and programmed to dim right before a movie starts. If you are looking into outdoor lighting as well, selecting weatherproof, wireless products, and installing a robust network to support them is paramount to their performance. 

Control Your Way 

For a comprehensive, whole-home lighting system, Lutron also provides a wide range of smart switches, dimmers, and smart interfaces, all of which can be integrated with industry-leading servers and managed through the Lutron mobile app. For homeowners with an existing automation platform, it’s worth mentioning that Lutron products are designed to work with leading smart system brands like Control4 and Crestron

Ready for Lighting Design? 

Lighting design should play a central role in any luxury home. Whether it’s a new construction or remodeling project, our team of experts at StereoTypes is your best bet at every smart device and system working up to the highest standards. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you turn the smart home of your dreams into reality!

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